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The Best Product Rarely Wins

By July 26, 2018Article

Like it or not, in today’s B2B market landscape the best product rarely wins. Buyers don’t care about all your features and functions, and they do expect you to know what THEY care about. Old positioning models simply don’t have what it takes to help you resonate with today’s buyers, and a new approach is required to clearly differentiate and build category leadership that moves the revenue needle.

  • What does it take for a company to stand out in today’s crowded categories?
  • How does positioning support new selling realities such as blended channels and land/expand?
  • What are the three buyer questions that winning positioning must always answer?

The Best Product Rarely Wins, the latest podcast in Firebrick’s series featuring positioning expert Bob Wright, explores how the B2B tech industry has changed and how positioning for category leadership is essential to success. Listen now to learn what it takes. Enjoy this eight-minute podcast and let us know what you think! 


Bob Wright is managing director at Firebrick. Bob has over 20 years of experience in the high technology industry and specializes in the creation of breakaway strategies and unblocking critical problems to build substantial market value. 

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