SaaS KPI Benchmarks with Sandhill Group: 1H20' Perspective

Initial data from the most recent RevOps Squared 1H20′ KPI Benchmarking Research highlights that the ARR Growth Rate for 2020 is forecasted to be down over 50% from 2019, Customer Acquisition efficiency has decreased by over 20% in the first half of 2020, yet Gross and Net Retention have not yet been impacted nearly as much, thanks to annual subscriptions and the inherent benefit of the SaaS recurring revenue model.

Sandhill Group, in partnership with RevOps Squared, is expanding the research to include every private B2B SaaS company interested in understanding how KPI benchmarks in 1H20′ measure up to historical norms. Industry benchmarks including Growth Rate, New ARR, CAC Ratio, and Gross/Net Dollar Retention from 2019 are no longer relevant for planning in 2H20 and possibly beyond.

If you are interested in understanding how B2B SaaS Benchmarks have changed in this pandemic impacted operating environment, you are invited to participate in the research and receive your complimentary executive report by clicking here.  

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