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Keys to Enhanced Cloud Storage Performance

Jay Kistler, Co-Founder and CTO - Maginatics

Enterprises face performance issues when considering cloud storage solutions. Here are two keys to solving the problem.

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The Internet of Things Standards Wars

Jeffrey M. Kaplan, Managing Director - THINKstrategies

In the war among standards groups seeking to set the rules for the Internet of Things (IoT), what are the challenges and how do you determine your alliance?

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Sales & Marketing

5 Steps to Defeat Software and Services Revenue Killers

Carter Hinckley, Managing Director - Blue Ridge Partners & Corey Torrence, Managing Director - Blue Ridge Partners

These steps will help software and services firms better understand and reduce their customer attrition.

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Avoiding Liability for a Data Breach

Lindsay Junck, Associate Attorney - Lotus Law Center

Here’s how to reduce your business liability in the event of a data breach.

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Beware of SaaS in True Cloud Clothing

Doron Gordon, Founder and CEO - Samanage

The benefits of true cloud are numerous. Here are six that make it superior to other SaaS offerings.