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Beware of SaaS in True Cloud Clothing

Doron Gordon, Founder and CEO - Samanage

The benefits of true cloud are numerous. Here are six that make it superior to other SaaS offerings.

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Trust: The Missing Ingredient in the Cloud Industry

Jürgen Kurz, CEO - Nero

Here are three hurdles the software world needs to overcome to help customers trust moving information to the cloud.

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Financial Management of Software Company Growth

Robert Reid, CEO - Intacct

Having financial and operating data in the same cloud management system allows real-time analysis, enabling better decisions.

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Dresner’s Point: Curtains Rising on Prescriptive Business Intelligence

Howard Dresner, President and Founder - Dresner Advisory Services

How does prescriptive analytics differ from decision management or predictive analytics? What are the challenges of prescriptive business intelligence?

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Software Product Development Pitfalls for Startups

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

Software startup CEOs discuss pitfalls they’ve encountered with product development and how to avoid them.