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Big Data

How to generate new revenue stream using data as a strategic asset

Lakshmi Randall, Principal Product Marketing Manager - Denodo

The ability to translate data into revenues is rapidly becoming a reflection of an organization’s ability to compete. Here’s how companies can monetize data to create a competitive advantage.

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Sales & Marketing

The future of marketing automation software

Dipti Parmar, Digital PR Strategist & Account Manager - Preceptist

How can marketing technology keep pace with increasing customer expectations and empower brands to respond to changing trends? And how does marketing automation help?

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Internet of Things

The empire strikes back in Amazon Google battle royal over SmartHome

Chris Kocher, Founder and Managing Director - Grey Heron

Google recently announced Google Home, its new smart home speaker and intelligent voice-recognition platform. Welcome to platform wars! Read how virtual assistant platforms impact developers and consumers.

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Hyperconverged infrastructure is the next big move for IT

Ann Borza, VP of Sales and Marketing - Distributed Systems Services, Inc. (DSS)

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is the latest evolution of integrated systems. This article discusses its benefits, ways to apply it and major players in the market.

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CIO perspective

Bimodal IT is not a destination – it’s an enabler for digital transformation

Akhil Sahai, Ph.D., VP Product Management - Perspica

What is bimodal IT, and why does it make sense in some cases? How can companies ease the transition and ensure that applications continue to run at optimal levels?