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Software News Brief – January 19

Kathleen M. Goolsby, SandHill Managing Editor

There’s more technology news in recent days than Microsoft’s position in the battle for cloud dominance and views on what will happen to BlackBerry. Here are five stories that caught my eye.

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IT Consumption-Based Service Management

Penny Collen, Senior Financial Solutions Architect - Cloud Cruiser, Inc.

Here’s how IT can quantify just how technology investments are delivering business value.

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Sales & Marketing

Road Map for Accelerating Software Growth by Understanding the Channel Partner Learning Curve

Rich Aroian, Managing Director and Founder - KP Channel Growth Associates

Establish an effective channel partner strategy and build a supporting ecosystem.

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Big Data

Credit Scoring Systems: Data-Driven Strategies for Effective Decision Making in Finance

Viacheslav Basov, Data Science Stream Lead - ELEKS

The implementation process for credit scoring includes a number of basic stages. This article looks at the possible pitfalls and how to avoid them.

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Big Data

Dresner’s Point: Is “Good Enough” Data Adequate for your Business Intelligence Initiatives?

Howard Dresner, President and Founder - Dresner Advisory Services

Nobody likes audits, but ensuring data quality is foundational to all business intelligence endeavors. How can your organization make sure an audit is effective?