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7 tips for young CEOs for managing experienced executives

Erica Caramol, Strategic Account Manager -

Young CEOs often face the challenge of managing executives that are older and more experienced than they are. Here are seven appropriate ways to deal with this challenge.

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The business case for automation

Joan Wrabetz, Chief Technology Officer - Quali

Automation in IT and software development (DevOps) is one of the top priorities of organizations. Here are some examples plus the business case advantages.

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Creating End-to-End Mobile POS Solution for B2B Sales

Ofer Yourvexel, CEO - Pepperi

Mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) technologies have reshaped the B2C industry. It can have an even more significant impact in the world of B2B sales. Here’s why.

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Clearing Up Misconceptions About Minimum Viable Product

Bret Waters, CEO - Tivix

Every startup in Silicon Valley wants a minimum viable product (MVP), but not everyone is exactly sure what it is. Here are the myths and the facts.

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offshoring and outsourcing

Six Annual “Check-up” Questions to Ask Your Engineering Services Vendor

Spencer Greene, Technology and Management Advisor

How you can get more out of contract engineering? Is it time to look for a firm that better fits your needs? Ask these vendor and your own team these questions.