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Consumers React to Apple’s Newest Mobile Gadget

Phil Ahad, SVP - Toluna QuickSurveys

What do consumers think of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus? Toluna Quicksurveys already polled over 1,000 Americans on their initial reactions.

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Sales & Marketing

Customer lifetime value and customer acquisition cost: deep dive into 2 key subscription metrics

Andrew Loulousis, Manager - Waterstone Management Group

Various ways to calculate customer lifetime value and customer acquisition cost.

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Big Data

Getting to know big data buzzwords

Rick Delgado, Technology Writer

If you’re investigating big data for your company, you’ve probably come across words and terms you don’t understand. Here is a guide for types of data and tools in the big data space.

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When raising money, show how you convert investor dollars into enterprise value

Steve Weiss, Co-Founder - Grey Heron

How can your company reframe its thinking and pitch to speak directly to one of an investor’s key concerns – creating value?

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Cybercrime: what a pain in the wallet

Steve Morgan, Founder and CEO - Cybersecurity Ventures

Cybercrime is growing so quickly the resulting damage estimates can barely keep up. What accounts for the sharp rise in costs? Here are some eye-popping statistics that help answer the question.