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Internet of Things

Innovation Act and Jon Fisher’s Public Testimony to House Judiciary Committee

Jon B. Fisher, Co-founder and CEO - CrowdOptic

Innovation Act (H.R. 3309) proposes changing regulations surrounding patent infringement lawsuits. Here is the written public testimony of a Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur, submitted to the House Judiciary Hearing.

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Sales & Marketing

Sales Motions in the Cloud and SaaS Customer Journey

Omid Razavi, Independent Customer Success Consultant

Here’s an overview of the seven stages of the SaaS / cloud customer journey, and how they impact sales and marketing differently than the traditional software sales process.

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Containers as a Service: Comparing Providers and Evaluating the State of the Market

Myroslav Rys, Infrastructure and Operations Management Expert - SoftServe

Most cloud providers are not yet ready for production-grade container services. Here’s an analysis of the vendor landscape and of the popular Docker Engine.

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Using SaaS Microsegmentation to Reduce Churn Rates

Roey Libfeld, Head of Business Development and Market Research -

SaaS providers can reduce churn through the microsegmentation of user data.

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Three Requirements for Automating Cloud Provisioning

Chip Epps, Senior Director Product Marketing - OneLogin

There are three requirements to achieve automating a company’s provisioning activities across cloud users and applications.