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Updating the Balanced Scorecard for the SaaS World: Subscription Scorecard

Mark Hauser, Managing Director and Founder - Waterstone Management Group

Traditional balanced scorecard measures don’t adequately gauge and predict performance in a SaaS world. Here are new metrics to better address the dynamics of this model.

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Big Data

Four Keys to an Effective Health Information Exchange and Communication Platform

Lindy Benton, CEO and President - MEA, NEA and TWSG

As the volume of healthcare data grows, how can providers protect sensitive information with HIPAA-compliant methods while maintaining accessibility at the point of need?

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Three Keys to Navigating the Fluid Future of IT Infrastructure

Krishna Yeddanapudi, Founder and CTO - Robin Systems

One infrastructure can no longer be a standard for all applications, data formats and environments. How can IT managers deliver a data center that comprehends IT infrastructure’s fluid nature?

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IT’s Role in the Cloud Era

Jon Bock, VP of Marketing and Products - Snowflake Computing

SaaS offerings in the cloud eliminate almost all of the infrastructure work that used to consume IT. What are the new priorities of IT organizations for adapting successfully?

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Three Team Management Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

Sébastien Boyer, Product Manager - Nutcache

As a team leader, what can you do to take the lead to set an example for your people and how can you create and manage a winning team?