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Billing System Trends in the Internet of Things

Kathleen Goolsby, Managing Editor -

This platform meets enterprises’ vast and disparate requirements for their different billing, customer care, selling and reporting models.

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Security Awareness: Large Breaches Get Attention, but Organizations Need to be Ready for “Smaller” Ones

Dean Wiech, Managing Director - Tools4ever

Organizations often overlook daily security risks. These small steps and quick implementations will easily increase IT security.

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How IT Exchanges Bridge the Gap between SMBs and IT Service Providers

Sanjeev Kapoor, Founder & CEO - IT Exchange

SMBs have many outsourcing challenges, but here’s how using a curated marketplace helps them access quality services without breaking the bank.

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Big Data

9 Questions to Determine If a BI Solution Is Truly Self-Service

Evan Castle, Product Manager - SiSense

These questions are a practical guide to raise important issues about self-service BI tools.

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Getting Realistic and Dismantling Two Myths about the Cloud

Suraj Kumar, Founder and CEO - CloudBooks

Here’s the truth about cloud pricing wars and other cloud issues so your business can make more informed cloud decisions.