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Cyber Investor Roll Call: Dell, Google, Intel, Salesforce, SAP ...

Steve Morgan, Founder and CEO - Cybersecurity Ventures

This article discusses DocuSign’s big-name backers, including top tech VC firms and why cybersecurity startups should pay more attention to corporate investors.

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Internet of Things

What Venue Operations and Security Can Learn from the “Self-Serve” Retail Kiosk

Dr. Lisa Dolev, founder and CEO - Qylur Intelligent Systems

Smart machines make our lives more convenient. Here’s how intelligent machine technology can improve and consolidate the processes of greeting, validating and security screening.

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Internet of Things Launches IoT Cloud – Provides Path to Business Benefits

Jeffrey M. Kaplan, Managing Director - THINKstrategies

Salesforce establishing the IoT Cloud and establishing a strategic alliance with Microsoft clearly shows the long-term significance of this emerging market to both players. How will it affect other users of the Internet of Things?

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Sales & Marketing

Four Crucial Sales and Marketing Decisions for Software Startups

Di Freeze, Editor -

Startups often face major challenges in go-to-market planning and sales/marketing strategies. Here is advice for today’s entrepreneurs and startup leaders.

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Transforming the Energy & Utilities Industry with Smart Analytics

This white paper showcases how energy and utility providers can unlock potential service opportunities using a reliable predictive analytics solution across all stages of the business cycle.