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Software Industry Revenues and Profitability Trends

Andrew Dailey, Managing Director - MGI Research

Key findings of an independent benchmark related to software industry growth, stock market leaders and laggards and sector profitability are presented.

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What Does it Cost to Develop a Mobile App?

Sumit Garg, Project Manager - MobilePhoneApps4u

Many factors add to the total cost of mobile app development. What are they and what should be your first consideration when developing an app?

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Big Data

Big Data Analytics Ushers in Age of Nano-Marketing

Pravin Vijay, Director-Marketing - Flytxt

Here’s how Communication Service Providers (CSPs) can use nano-marketing to get a competitive edge in the market.

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Sales & Marketing

Why Your Startup Needs to Do Content Marketing and How to Do It

Tom Malesic, Founder and President - EZSolution

Here’s how your startup can get its brand out there and start to become an authority in its industry.

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Looking at The New York Times as a SaaS Company

Tien Tzuo, Founder & CEO - Zuora

Here are key metrics to evaluate any recurring revenue-based business and reduce customer churn.