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Vehicle to Vehicle Communication for Crash Avoidance Systems

This eInfochips white paper discusses the testing of a prototype implementation of a complete vehicle-to-vehicle communication system for enhanced road safety.

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Big Data

The data lake will get cloud-y in 2017

Ravi Dharnikota, Head of Enterprise Architecture - SnapLogic

Many interesting discussions took place in 2016 about data lakes. What significant themes are predicted for 2017, including its place in the cloud?

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Why Big Brother’s next Manhattan Project is augmented reality

Jon B. Fisher, Founder and CEO - CrowdOptic

How does deploying augmented reality to catch a Pokémon Go Mewtwo relate to learning how to split a uranium atom? Here are four predictions and a warning about this risky craze.

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Malware platforms accelerate malware innovation and shift enterprise defense in 2017

Bert Rankin, CMO - Lastline

With malware families morphing at speeds and efficiency not seen before, what new tactics will security professionals take up in the great security wars in 2017?

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Big Data

It’s high time we build border technology, not walls

Steve Maloney, EVP of Business Development & Strategy - Acuant

This article predicts a significant push for measurable progress on border security in 2017 and discusses effective measures the government could take powered by big data.