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Competition is fierce in software for automakers

Rick Delgado, Technology Writer

Automakers are beginning to add software to their cars, and the competition for the best software development is revving up. Apple and Google are two new competitors in this market.

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Big Data

In big data 20 $10m innovations are greater than one $200m innovation

Naresh Agarwal, Head of Data - Brillio

How can you ensure long-term success, and return on investment, for any big data project?

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Internet of Things

IoT’s major transformation and risks in the healthcare industry

Rick Delgado, Technology Writer

The tech and medical industries joined forces in recent years to make healthcare better and smarter by utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT), but there are stumbling blocks.

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This is how employees took control of your branding

Adam Seabrook, Co-founder - Betterteam

Employer branding used to be handled from the top down, but social media makes it possible for employee voices to be heard. In this era, what can you do to strengthen your branding?

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PLM, BIM, ALM and IoT software providers: how much do you know about customers’ cloud strategies?

Alan Griffiths, Principal Consultant - Cambashi

What software providers must know of customer cloud strategies.