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Why Pricing Can Make or Break Your SaaS Company

Lauren Kelley, CEO & Founder - OPEXEngine

Management must view pricing as dynamic and leverage internal data and industry benchmarks to optimize pricing strategy.

Artificial Intelligence

Growth Players: Blue Prism's Roadmap to Enterprise RPA

Clare Christopher, Editor -

Creator of the term “RPA,” CEO and co-founder Alastair Bathgate shares his company’s vision and best practices for realizing a digital workforce.


Meet the 5 Types of Cloud Services Buyers

Jan Erik Aase, Research Director - ISG & Dave Goodman, Director - ISG

A summary of new ISG research shows the maturity gap between buyers of public cloud services continues to widen.


U.S. Remains Top Software Business Center

Nicholas Hopper, CEO - Crozdesk

An analysis of nearly 20,000 companies worldwide reveals the location of the most productive startup ecosystems.

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M.R. Asks 3 Questions: Gene Banman, CEO, DriveScale

M.R. Rangaswami, Co-Founder - Sand Hill Group

The serial CEO and Silicon Valley veteran discusses decades of leadership lessons from the tech industry and stresses the importance of corporate honesty and responsibility.