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SandHill Contributor: Howard Dresner

By June 22, 2016Article

Howard Dresner  Howard Dresner’s Articles on SandHill

  President and founder of Dresner Advisory Services



Dresner’s Point: How do you decide what to look at in business intelligence data?

Dresner’s Point: Boosting User Adoption is a Critical Success Distinction in Business Intelligence

Dresner Study Identifies Key Trends and Plans in Cloud BI Market

Dresner’s Point: What Really Matters in Business Intelligence Education

Dresner’s Point: Should You Outsource All or Part of Your BI Process?

Dresner Study Finds Organizations with a Business Intelligence Competency Center are More Successful

Three Critical Distinctions in Success with Business Intelligence in 2015

Dresner’s Point: Is Self-Service in Business Intelligence Helpful or Harmful?

Why End User Data Preparation is a Hot Topic in Business Intelligence Software

IoT and the Growing Use of Location Intelligence in Business Intelligence Software

Dresner’s Point: In Business Intelligence, Trust is an Elephant in the Room

Dresner’s Point: What is the Real Impact of Open Source and Hadoop on Business Intelligence Software?

What Your Organization Needs to Know about Mobile Business Intelligence

Dresner’s Point: Is “Good Enough” Data Adequate for your Business Intelligence Initiatives?

Dresner Study Finds Growing Importance of Business Intelligence Competence Centers for 2015

Dresner Benchmark Study Reveals Trends in Advanced and Predictive Analytics in BI

Dresner Advisory Puts Cloud and Collaborative BI in 2014-2015 Perspective

Dresner’s Point: Curtains Rising on Prescriptive Business Intelligence

Dresner’s Point: Don’t Sidestep the BI Control Issue

Dresner Study on Location Intelligence Reveals Priorities in Mobile and Internet of Things

Dresner’s Point: Three Cheers for Business Intelligence Troublemakers!

Dresner Study Finds Mobile Computing and Business Intelligence Preferences Changing

Dresner Study Details Small and Mid-Sized Enterprise Use of Business Intelligence

Dresner Report on Collaborative Business Intelligence Trends Reveals Where Collaboration is Most Valued

First Benchmarks on Embedded Functionality in Business Intelligence Rank it “Critical” in Imnportance

Dresner’s Point: Why Do We Need Dashboards for Information Discovery in Business Intelligence?

Dresner Advisory Study Shows Business Intelligence in the Cloud Increasingly Important Despite Security Aspects

Dresner’s Point: Put Your Business Intelligence Results Under the Microscope

Insights from Findings in Dresner Advisory Services’ 2013 Business Intelligence Market Study

Dresner’s Point: Business Intelligence Initiatives Often Have Knotty Value

Dresner’s Point: Make Sure Your Business Intelligence Solution Isn’t Flying Blind

Dresner’s Point: Where’s the Business Intelligence Value in Big Data?

Dresner’s Point: Business Intelligence is Not Just a Question of Questions

Dresner’s Point: Do You Need to Rethink your Business Intelligence Tools Approach?

Dresner Study Reveals High Expectations for Growth of Mobile Business Intelligence

Dresner’s Point: What’s the Right Approach to BI Discovery Tools?

Dresner’s Point: Three Don’ts, Four Do’s for Business Intelligence in 2013

Dresner’s Point: Will Amazon’s Redshift Become a BI Swiss Army Knife?

Dresner’s Point: What’s Innovation Worth in BI?

Dresner’s Point: Are We Building for Collapse-Proof Business Intellligence?

The Battle Heats Up: Predictions on Winning Software Startups in 2013

2013: A “Plan B” Year for Software Firms

Dresner’s Point: When it Comes to BI Value, Remember Dilbert

The Software Spending Pulse for 2013

Back to the Future: Software Moves as Catalysts for Driving Change

Change Reigns: Software Industry Predictions for 2013

Dresner’s Point: Get Suited Up for Embedded BI

Dresner’s Point: Data Scientists Have Keys to the Kingdom

Dresner Study Reveals Current Realities in Cloud-Based Business Intelligence

Dresner Study Reveals Priorities in Collaborative BI Functionalities

Dresner Study Reveals Changes in the Business Intelligence Market

A Business Intelligence Renaissance: Howard Dresner Shares His Wisdom

Six Recommendations for Implementing Business Intelligence Solutions














































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