M.R. Asks 3 Questions: Juan Carlos Abello, Founder & CEO, Nuvola

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Juan Carlos Abello spent more than a decade working in the hotel industry, and found during that time that fragmented back- and front-end systems slowed operations and ultimately impacted guest’s satisfaction. After a stint as director of operations at an Italian tech company, he saw the way forward and created Nuvola (which means “cloud” in Italian). Nuvola is a cloud-based guest services management company for the hotel industry, which enables hoteliers to track the front and back end of guest experiences with a holistic system. 

I spoke to Juan Carlos about what’s new at Nuvola, what makes an effective leader and where he likes to spend his own vacations.

What are some of the most innovative product offerings achieved within the past couple of months?

Convenience is key and voice is the future. 

Voice technology is convenient, efficient and affordable. Its sole purpose is to learn more about the user in order to create a better and more customized guest experience. Nuvola has partnered with innovative companies such as WhatsApp and Amazon to bring hotels and their guests the best-in-class option. Incorporating new technologies into the hotel experience provides a more comfortable and elevated guest experience.

Another innovative solution that Nuvola has recently brought to the hospitality sector is Concierge. The new technology enables the hotel’s concierge team to coordinate and monitor all guest itineraries and amenities throughout their stay from the convenience of their mobile or desktop device. Nuvola’s Concierge allows staff to manage guests’ itineraries, restaurant reservations, spa appointments, room amenities and transportation, and assist with other daily tasks in real-time. The software’s compatibility with Yelp, Google and OpenTable streamlines restaurant reservations for easy management. 

What is one habit or tool you have developed as an entrepreneur that you recommend others looking to build a successful company do as well?

Prioritizing your to-do list early in the morning before the full day begins is vital in creating a good working environment for yourself and your employees. A team’s motivation starts from the top. One of the keys to success is for an employer to be consistent and available. When employees feel comfortable in their work environment, they are able to grow. Putting your team in positions to succeed by providing them with a comfortable level of autonomy builds trust and maximizes each team member’s potential.

Where is your favorite vacation destination? 

Huatulco, located near Jalisco, is one of the best places to experience. The destination is full of fabulous Mexican culture, food and activities. From discovering all nine bays to the amazing views, there is always something to do and see in this amazing area. All of the hotels I have stayed at there are extremely comfortable and have a unique luxury feeling to them. I would highly recommend anyone to go and experience the diverse landscape and welcoming people in Huatulco.


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