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SMB SaaS: The Younger and Sometimes Overlooked Sibling of Enterprise SaaS

By October 27, 2023Reports

According to the recent update from Allied Advisers, SMB is the backbone of the US economy; 99.9% of all US businesses are in this segment. With rising SaaS adoption by small businesses for enhancing productivity, we remain optimistic on the long-term view of this sector.

While not surprisingly, SMB SaaS has higher churn than Enterprise SaaS, SMB SaaS has significantly better operational metrics when it comes to sales and marketing expense, R&D expenses, EBITDA margins and less sector competition. Our report covers nuances of SMB SaaS and we believe that SMB SaaS businesses continue to offer compelling opportunities for investors and buyers.

This particular Allied Advisers report has updated their SMB SaaS, highlighting a sector that has been growing with notable outcomes.

The report pulls from IPO’s of: Freshworks ($1.03B), Digital Ocean ($780M), Klaviyo ($576M) and notable exits such as Mailchimp’s acquisition ($12B+, one of the largest boot-strapped exits) and growth of private SMB SaaS companies like Calendly (last valued at $3B), Notion (last valued at $10B).

To see the full summary of Allied Adviser’s update, click here:

Gaurav Bhasin is the Managing Director of Allied Advisers.

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