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The realSociable Guide to the Top 6 Sales Methodologies

Businesses today, no matter the industry, share a common thread: the desire to grow bigger faster and use automation tools to support that objective.  

Most companies still lose more than they win. The difference of definitions and the criteria that once made good sound sense on how companies rated, scored and evaluated the qualification of a prospect that turned into a suspect can no longer serve as the basis of a methodology for the next-generation of effective sales and marketing teams. The challenge remains – an affirmation of interest does not equal an affirmation to buy. 

This executive briefing is an overview of the top six sales methodologies in 2015: SPIN, Conceptual Selling, SNAP, Solution Selling, Customer Centric and Challenger. It highlights what each methodology does and also provides tips for using it more effectively. 

Maximizing your Window of Opportunity (WOO) is the way to improve sales effectiveness. Windows of opportunity are moments where your prospect and you have a common ground that reveals priority, preparedness and intent. The paper also provides an overview of how to tap into social intelligence to drive sales capacity and WOO customers.