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When I launched SandHill.com in 2005, the technology business was a completely different world. In those days, people scrambled for as much information as possible to understand their markets.

Today, executives are looking for “smart filters” to deliver targeted intelligence on the movements shaping the next generation of the growth economy. We aim to be just such an ally.

SandHill.com covers the strategies, business models, investors, companies, people and trends driving innovation in the technology industry. Our primary focus is the intersection of business, innovation, and technology: 

I want to sincerely thank Kathleen Goolsby for her work as managing editor of SandHill.com. During her five-year tenure, Kathleen oversaw the expansion of our site’s coverage of cutting-edge technologies and the companies working to expand these new markets. I’d also like to thank Di Freeze for her assistance as a SandHill.com contributor and site manager. I want to congratulate both editors as they embark on new endeavors.

Our new SandHill.com editor, Clare Christopher, aims to pick up where they left off and continue our editorial mission.   Clare has worked in technology business journalism for more than a decade and looks forward to collaborating with SandHill.com’s many contributors. Email Clare at clare@sandhill.com.


Thank you for continuing to rely on SandHill.com.

 – M.R. 

M.R. Rangaswami is the co-founder of Sand Hill Group and publisher of SandHill.com.



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