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Darren Cunningham 

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  Vice president of marketing at SnapLogic


10 Opinions on Software Scene in 10 Years

Biggest Risks for Software Buyers in 2016

Biggest Risks for Software Vendors in 2016

Bold Moves of Software’s Biggest Disrupters

2016 Software Predictions: Breakthroughs, Threats, Convergence

Software’s Frontrunners: Game-Changers and Rainmakers in 2016

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Cloud Vendor Management and Procurement: Challenges and Opportunities

Enterprise Performance in the Cloud on an iPad

Hey! You! Get Onto My Cloud: A Pioneer’s Take on What’s Changed

A Business Intelligence Renaissance:  Howard Dresner Shares His Wisdom

Meet the Challengers for Software Market Share in 2012

Informatica Predicts Changes in Cloud and Big Data in 2012

The Impact of Cloud Computing on Business Intelligence

The Intersection Between Sales 2.0 and Cloud Computing

Big Data, Cloud Computing and Industry Perspectives with Dave Kellogg

From Cloud Skeptical to Cloud Curious to Cloud First

Industry Analyst Jeff Kaplan Discusses the “Cloud Rush”

Is Hybrid the New Black in The Era of Cloud Computing?

5 Ways IT Can Establish Cloud Control

Eight Keys to Enterprise ISV Success in the Cloud


























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