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Onvelop for iOS Hits the Market This Week, Allowing Access to SharePoint and Lync from iPads

By July 22, 2013Article

Onvelop recently burst onto the growing iOS-based enterprise mobility market by making its mobility app for SharePoint, Lync and Office 365 available for iPad users with its launch in the App Store this week. The enterprise mobility and BYOD product utilizes licensed Microsoft protocols to provide secure mobile access to Microsoft back-end server software for collaboration and communication. It allows users to access features of SharePoint and Lync from mobile devices including document management, video and audio conferencing and remote desktop access. 

Businesses now have the option of enabling mobile access to their enterprise SharePoint assets across all mobile devices, namely iOS, Android and Windows 8 without requiring costly additional investments. 

Collaboration and communication with no boundaries 

Though the push toward new technology typically comes from the IT department, enterprise mobility is implemented largely due to employee demand. User-friendly devices, systems and apps have elevated employees’ expectations of their devices. While most companies’ enterprise technology infrastructure continues to chain employees to their desks, employees are increasingly looking for the same standard of flexibility and ease of use they’ve come to expect from their personal computing experiences. 

Thus, enterprises are looking to extend the investment that they have made on their IT infrastructure to adapt to new technologies like enterprise mobility and BYOD. Their search for a mobile-based collaboration and communication platform ends with the launch of Onvelop on the iOS App Store. 

Customer convenience, increased employee productivity, enhanced collaboration and mobility are particularly attractive to companies that wish to streamline sales and marketing communication in the field, offer real-time customer support and facilitate communications for executives on the road. 

Flexible platforms offer more choices and greater benefits

Products like Onvelop work alone or integrate easily with any MDM solution, making them indispensable for enterprise-purchased devices and BYOD alike. 

With one-stop access from an employee’s mobile device via a single sign-on, enterprises can provide their teams with an ability to access, update and collaborate on knowledge assets residing behind organizational firewalls, as well as participate in call conferencing and enterprise content management while protecting confidential data. 

Likewise, Onvelop utilization ensures that each employee’s personal mobile data is defended from company oversight. 

Already launched for Android and Windows 8 devices, Onvelop for iOS serves as a mobile extension of a company’s investment in SharePoint communication and collaboration solutions to Apple products, providing flexibility for the technology an organization currently employs rather than requiring new technology purchasing to accommodate state-of-the-art mobile solutions. 

As the market’s leading enterprise-mobility product, Onvelop is the first in the market to collaborate with Microsoft SharePoint, Lync, Office 365 on the back end — a move that provides users with seamless functionality while preserving enterprise-level security measures. 

By incorporating iOS platform support, Onvelop is able to provide enterprise mobility for companies operating with popular Apple tablets and devices because the platform now accommodates iPad, Android and Windows 8. Click here to download the app today.   

Krish Kupathil is CEO of Onvelop.  A CEO with 25+ years of sales and BD experience, his primary focus is on developing and executing AgreeYa’s embedded and mobility business. He has broad experience in building and managing international technology businesses with a special understanding of the IT/telecommunications industry as well as professional qualifications in finance/accounts. He honed his talents through executive positions at Azingo (acquired by Motorola), MyZenPlanet Inc. and FSMLabs (acquired by WindRiver).

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