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M.R. Asks 3 Questions: Peter Brereton, CEO, Tecsys

By January 19, 2023Article

Peter Brereton is president and CEO of Tecsys, a global supply chain management software company. He joined Tecsys at its inception and initially led the company’s software development, product management, sales and marketing, and has been now serving as president and CEO for over 20 years.

Having been recognised with an EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® award in Quebec in 2019, Peter leads with a strong moral compass rooted in family and faith. He has guided the company
through tremendous growth, not only with a sharp vision for the supply chain industry, but by
adhering to his fundamental values of authenticity and honesty.

With 20+ years at Tecsys, Peter has a lot to share about growth, leadership and the future of tech in the healthcare space.

M.R. Rangaswami: Let’s break down the functions of “Who” Tecsys is, and what do you do?

Peter Brerenton: Coming up on our 40th anniversary, Tecsys sells and implements SaaS ERP
and WMS solutions that manage agile supply chains. We’re currently at about a $150M run
rate, with SaaS revenues growing at about 40% per year, and we’re profitable!
Tecsys’ end-to-end supply chain software platform includes solutions for warehouse
management, distribution and transportation management, supply management at point of
use, order management and fulfillment, as well as financial management and analytics

These solutions are designed to accommodate the needs of several industry
segments; our customers include organisations spanning third-party and complex distribution,
converging retail, healthcare supply chain, as well as government bodies and agencies.

For decades, organisations have been adding length and complexity to their supply chains
without paying attention to the vulnerabilities that those complexities create. Layer in digital
commerce, globalisation, new consumer expectations and aging systems, and what worked in
the past is likely less relevant now. In today’s rapidly changing world, an agile supply chain
platform that can efficiently manage change is crucial to remaining competitive.

That’s where we deliver our greatest value. Through our software solutions, we empower companies to run a modern supply chain practice with end-to-end visibility and the digital tools to adapt to change.

M.R.: I hear that Tecsys solutions are truly transforming some aspects of healthcare. Can you

Peter: Over the last 10 years, Tecsys has proven that an efficient real-time digital supply chain
platform improves cost, quality and outcome for hospital networks. Tecsys is the established
leader in this market with more than 50 substantial hospital networks on their platform. We are
currently adding an additional two or three per quarter.

Tecsys championed a concept to manage a health system’s supplies following an industry best
practice framework; it came to be known as the consolidated service center and is widely
considered the benchmark for strategic supply chain management at a health system level.
With dozens of major health system implementations under our belt, we continue to lead the
industry in transforming traditional healthcare supply chain operations into modern clinically
integrated supply chain networks.

Another important facet of healthcare supply chain management is to facilitate collaboration between clinical and logistics teams to provide the best possible outcomes for patients. Because this is such an important part of the care delivery chain, we are highly focused on the
deployment of clinically integrated point of use technology that connects clinical operations to
the back-office supply chain activities needed to support patient care.

At this point, we are the only vendor in the market that can tie the or, cath lab, general
supplies and pharmacy together in a truly integrated supply chain along with the off-campus
warehouse or consolidated service center. It turns out that having the right product at the right
time for the right patient and in the hands of the right clinician saves lives and millions of

M.R.: What do the next three years look like for Tecsys in the healthcare space?

Peter: The healthcare industry is under pressure from both a clinical and operational
perspective. With labor challenges and rising supply costs continuing to squeeze margin, this
sector is facing a formidable challenge. The pandemic deepened and accelerated those
challenges, exposing vulnerabilities and forcing transformation on healthcare organisations that
were slower to adapt.

Supply chain transparency and traceability will continue to drive investment in the healthcare
sector. Health systems will keep evolving and growing, which means higher supply chain
complexity, and increased challenges.

The behemoth enterprise systems that worked well at the turn of the millennium are really
showing their limitations now, and the urgency to modernise is just ramping up. There are 550 hospital networks in the U.S. and Tecsys is pursuing the top 300. Tecsys fully expects to have
over 100 hospital networks as clients within the next three years on our way to more than 50%
market share.

M.R. Rangaswami is the Co-Founder of

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