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M.R. Asks 3 Questions: Jason Lu, CEO and Founder of CECOCECO

By January 19, 2024Article

Jason Lu, the founder of CECOCECO, began his journey in the LED display industry in 2006 by creating ROE Visual. His commitment to perfection and a deep understanding of product quality quickly led to ROE Visual becoming a top brand within the industry.

As an innovator in the field, Jason has consistently been a notable figure in the industry and is never content to rest on past achievements. In 2021 he sought new challenges and founded CECOCECO. With this venture, Jason embraced the idea that LED displays could be more than functional tools; they could integrate technology and aesthetics to create emotionally engaging experiences.

Jason’s reputation for producing high-quality products is built on years of experience and industry knowledge. His dedication to product development was evident in the launch of ArtMorph by CECOCECO. After two years of dedicated work and maintaining high standards, Jason and his team successfully introduced this innovative product to the market.

Under Jason’s leadership, CECOCECO is more than a brand; it’s a testament to ongoing innovation in how the world experiences and interacts with light and display technology.

M.R. Rangaswami: What were the key insights or experiences that led you from ROE Visual to creating CECOCECO, and how do these past experiences shape your current vision?

Jason Lu: I’ve come to recognize that traditional LED displays, while functional, are not universally applicable to every space and often clash with sophisticated designs. My ambition is to develop products that harmoniously blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. I firmly believe that innovation is fueled by pressure. ROE is currently experiencing stable growth, prompting me to initiate transformative changes.

Reflecting on my past experiences, I’ve gained a profound understanding of the path to success and the attitude required for it. I’ve learned that success is not an overnight phenomenon. ROE took 17 years to reach its current stature, reinforcing my belief in the ‘slow and steady wins the race’ philosophy. I don’t equate financial gain with success. While survival is crucial, it’s not the epitome of success. My vision for CECOCECO is to relentlessly pursue excellence in our products, continuously innovate, and be a source of inspiration for the industry and the world at large.

M.R.: How does CECOCECO innovate in the LED lighting and display industry, and what future advancements do you foresee in this space?

Jason: At CECOCECO, our focus is on pioneering solution-based innovation. While similar products and projects exist, we question their viability and sustainability. Our approach involves crafting systematic solutions with an unwavering commitment to quality in every aspect, from the consistent output of our products to the intricacies of our manufacturing process. This is far more than a mere mechanical production; it necessitates a blend of human creativity and precision control. Our development and manufacturing stages demand extensive manpower, embodying a level of craftsmanship of the highest order. CECOCECO’s mission is to transform previously disjointed elements into cohesive, sustainable systems.

Looking ahead, we aim to diversify our product range. This includes offering a wider variety of resolutions and shapes and innovating with flexible screen technologies. Our goal is to provide a more comprehensive and diverse range of solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

M.R.: What emerging trends in LED technology and lighting design do you find most exciting, and how is CECOCECO preparing to integrate these trends into future products?

Jason: The landscape of LED lighting is undergoing two significant transformations. First, there’s a notable shift from point light sources to surface light sources, with Chip-On-Board (COB) technology gaining increasing popularity. This evolution marks a fundamental change in how we perceive and utilize LED lighting. Secondly, the realm of lighting design is witnessing a surge of creativity. It’s transcending beyond mere color shifts and overlays; dynamic, imaginative light effects are becoming the norm, adding a refreshing dimension to lighting.

In response to these trends, CECOCECO is exploring integrating COB technology into our products to harness its unique effects. Lighting design isn’t just an aspect of our product; it’s a cornerstone. We’re committed to experimenting with various surface materials and designs to unlock new potential in creative lighting. Furthermore, we’re enthusiastic about collaborating with leading lighting designers. We aim to conceive and develop even more captivating lighting projects by merging our technological prowess with their creative flair.

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