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M.R Asks 3 Questions: Daniel Kravtsov, CEO, Improvado

By February 23, 2019Article

At, believes that viewing your marketing data should be simple and accessible in real-time. So, in the spirit of CEO Daniel Kravtsov’s goal to find ways to save time for organizations and marketers time, I asked three quick-questions to learn more about what Improvado is up to.

M.R. Rangaswami:  Tell us about your recently announced partnership with Looker. What advantages will your customers realize in the near-term? Daniel Kravtsov:

Daniel Kravtsov: Our clients can now leverage Looker’s powerful visualization platform for all their aggregated marketing data with Improvado.  

M.R.: I’ve read that most of your developers at Improvado are working from Russia. What benefits have you found in using workers in foreign countries?

Daniel: One of the obvious pros is that it’s cheaper. Also, able to maintain long-term relationships with engineers in Russia since there are relatively more opportunities for them here in Silicon Valley – so it’s great for talent retention.
M.R.: Immigration is a hot-button issue right now. Do you believe that its harder these days for foreign entrepreneurs to come to the United States to start companies? What impact are you seeing?


Daniel: Personally, I’m affected by immigration problems because I have been waiting to change my status for almost a year. In the past, the process hasn’t taken longer than three months, in very rear cases 6 months. But for some reason, it’s taking longer now.

M.R. Rangaswami is the co-founder of Sand Hill Group and publisher of
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