Disruption Amazon Style: Lessons from the Masters

Amazon’s working to “Amazon” competitors in just about every industry. Here’s a four-part, in-depth look at its value creation strategies through year-end 2017 – and the resulting implications for software companies.

  • Part I – Vertical & Horizontal Integration The software industry can steal from the giant’s playbook of vertical and horizontal integration for monetization in the areas of IoT, Big Data, customer relationships, and distribution.
  • Part II – Value Creation   An in-depth look at Amazon’s “Value Creation” capabilities underscores its leverage across consumer and business markets.
  • Part III – Value Migration  Looking closer at Amazon Web Services and Prime’s entertainment offerings illustrate Amazon’s expertise in “Value Migration.”
  • Part IV – Value Delivery Systems  Delivering on delivery and building a complete integrated value chain  are Amazon’s superpowers. Here’s an examination of the company’s latest value-driving initiatives.  


Chris Kocher is a co-founder of Grey Heron, a management and strategic marketing consulting firm. He has 30 years in both strategic and hands-on operating experience helping executives and investors build revenues and shareholder value. He has consulted with over 130 companies on innovating with new business models, product strategies and monetization. Chris has held management positions at HP and Symantec in addition to advisory roles at startups. He has worked extensively on monetization, SAAS, IoT, ecosystems, partnerships and accelerating growth in new business initiatives. For help on your growth strategies, new business model or monetization initiatives, email him at kocher@greyheron.com or follow him on LinkedIn

The Four Values Framework (4Vs) ™ is a structured approach to developing new growth and monetization strategies developed by Grey Heron Venture Consulting. It has been used with multiple companies to identify Vertical and Horizontal integration approaches, new Value Creation areas, Value Migration into new markets and product categories as well as building complete Value Delivery Systems to ensure strategic alignment.


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