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9 Books for Leaders by Leaders

If you’re looking to gather insights beyond the mainstream titles, here are nine books that will bring fresh perspectives that will add to your leadership skills in 2024. From tech to real estate, there is a title on this list for every reader.

1. The Success Paradox: How to Surrender and Win in Business and Life
By Gary C. Cooper | Available on Amazon

Cooper was 28 when his father died suddenly and he – unprepared for the responsibility – inherited the family’s health care business. He also inherited his father’s debts, totalling around $30 million. When creditors came calling, demanding full recompense within 90 days, Cooper descended into workaholism, alcoholism, and eventually rock bottom, being told by his doctor that he had 30 days to live. But he turned it all around by changing everything about how he was living. In his new book, Cooper offers transformational lessons that can help readers avoid hitting rock bottom in pursuit of a success that doesn’t deliver. 

2. Demystifying IT: The Language of IT for the CEO
By Bhopi Dhall and Saurajit Kanungo | Available on Amazon

Information technology is a driving force behind what every company does––or at least it should be. But not every company uses the capabilities of IT properly––and as a result they risk ending up in deep trouble. Dhall and Kanungo provide a step-by-step guide to explain what businesses need to do to tap the full potential of IT. The book is aimed especially at CEOs of mid-sized companies, many of whom have a limited idea of what their IT departments do and fail to realize the potential they can capitalize on.


3. Start. Scale. Exit. Repeat.: Serial Entrepreneurs’ Secrets Revealed!
By Colin C. Campbell | Available on Amazon

What makes a startup successful? Is it mainly a combination of hard work and luck, or is there a winning formula? Colin Campbell shares a wealth of experience in his new book. A serial entrepreneur who has built companies with a combined valuation of over $1 billion, Campbell takes readers through his business ventures and the lessons he’s learned along the way. The in-depth guide also features interviews with industry experts and points readers in the right direction on their entrepreneurial journey to help answer the questions they’ll encounter.

4. Results, Not Reports: Building Exceptional Organizations By Integrating Process, Performance, and People
By Peter Follows | Available on Amazon

The key to achieving sustainable results within an organization is the dynamic management of three key elements: process, performance, and people. Processes in organizations are prone to challenges and inefficiencies. Opportunities to improve processes exist but are often hidden. Challenges with people happen due to issues like lack of work assignments, insufficient following up by managers, and ineffective problem-solving. In his new book, Results, Not Reports, Peter Follows helps leaders streamline management training and focus on how they can change behaviors, specifically when it comes to how managers interact with employees.

5. A New Capitalism: Creating A Just Economy That Works For All 
by Frank Altman | Purchase on Audible

In a time of financial market uncertainty, Frank Altman designs a roadmap for navigating precarious investment conditions and increasing the impact of investment to benefit those historically locked out of financial opportunity. Through numerous examples, including those developed by the nonprofit community finance organization he founded, Community Reinvestment Fund, USA, Altman offers clear evidence how lives can be bettered, futures altered, and entire communities transformed through the creation of ESG – minded investment strategies. 

6. Every Move Matters: Unlocking Value In Life And Real Estate.
by Vickey Barron | Available on Amazon

Top NYC realtor Vickey Barron shares the secrets of her phenomenal success through a series of hilarious, heartfelt, and sometimes – unbelievable stories. Vickey explores the lessons of her first career, building a local health insurance company into a national powerhouse, as well as her rise in the ultra-high-stakes world of Manhattan luxury real estate. She also shares what she’s learned about overcoming fear, getting out of your own way, and finding the success you want while having fun doing it.

7. Onwards And Upwards: Discover The Reality Of Building Real Estate Success
by Dean Artenosi | Available on Amazon

In his new book, successful real estate investor Dean Artenosi doesn’t wallow in the past or stay entrenched in the present; he looks forward to the future. The book presents a complex and deeply compelling argument for understanding the critical role that the New Urbanism movement and sustainable redevelopment of urban areas will play in the years to come. It shows that it’s possible to do well for oneself while doing even more for the communities and cities in which we live.

8. Knowledge Mindfulness: The Interconnections That Help Leaders Transform Their Business and Life.
by Laila Marouf, Ph.D. | Available on Amazon

Prof. Laila Marouf presents a groundbreaking approach to harnessing the true potential of knowledge that transcends traditional knowledge management methods. Fusing insights from business, psychology, neuroscience, and social sciences, this book offers a transformative framework for leaders to elevate their knowledge processes and cultivate resilient, innovative organizations.

9. Get It Together: A Winning Formula for Success from the Boss You Need

by Puja Rios | Available on Amazon

As a CRO in tech Puja Bhola Rios has developed a proven, results-oriented program and mindset for success. However, success starts with personal development, and Puja has mentored countless people in how to “Get It Together.” Born into an immigrant family, she was raised on the ethics of hard work and ambition. But she also has the keen insights of being a woman in the C-Suite. Strong, warm, funny—Puja’s advice will bring results—but also build your self-belief, until you are capable of accomplishing anything!

Thank you to Krista Wignall for helping curating this list.

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