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5 Conversation-Sparking Realizations from the Enterprise Retreat

By April 11, 2019Article

Last month, 100 CEO’s and enterprise leaders gathered at the 2019 Enterprise Retreat at Half Moon Bay, CA. During the conference, an anonymized poll was taken on key issues identified by the Boston Consulting Group – and we can now share the conversation-sparking results!

1) Even companies agree valuations are high – 80% of attendees say company valuations are very or somewhat high. As a group that promotes high valuations, one would expect “About Right” to be the leading answer.

2) Talent is by far the number one issue – more than capital, sales or competition!

3) 60% are getting value from AI today (either internally or from customers), according to BCG, only 28% of Enterprise with AI projects are seeing value.

4) 75% of companies are dealing with social issues at the board and/or management team level. These are not just Facebook or Google issues, but relevant for companies of all sizes.

5) To be a publicly traded company, you should be profitable within two years. This is much more conservative than many IPOs we have seen that have high revenue growth but are years away for profitability.

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M.R. Rangaswami is the co-founder of Sand Hill Group and publisher of



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