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User & entity behavior analytics software evolving in 2017

Adam Laub, SVP Product Marketing - STEALTHbits

This article predicts that in 2017, there will be two significant trends in the User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) market and the use of the technology itself.

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Cloud sandboxes will become a must-have for DevOps toolkit

Joan Wrabetz, Chief Technology Officer - Quali

As more companies attempt to adopt DevOps for software development activities, the gaps in DevOps tools are becoming much more apparent. How will these gaps be addressed in 2017?

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Facebook Workplace jolts enterprise collaboration but misses point of next-gen social

Brian Anderson, Chief Marketing Officer - POPin

This article discusses why Facebook’s Workplace and other popular enterprise social platforms will fall short in reaching their full potential and gives four enterprise social predictions for 2017.

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Mobile CRM truly takes shape in 2017

Martin Schneider, VP Corporate Communications - SugarCRM

An increase in the global mobile workforce will lead to greater expectations for mobile customer relationship management (CRM) platforms in 2017. What features must be included?

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Containers and orchestration software will leapfrog OpenStack in 2017

Avinash Lakshman, CEO & Founder - Hedvig Inc.

As an open source set of tools for private clouds, OpenStack offers many benefits, but this article predicts a combination of containers and orchestration software will lure enterprises in 2017.