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Notable Quotes from Web Species, Firefox, NationalField, Enterprise Applications Consulting and others in the software ecosystem

By October 17, 2011Uncategorized

Recent statements in the media about software development point to skewed vision, lack of professionalism and a prediction about the future success of programmers. Be sure to post your comment below about your perspectives on these notable quotes.
“Lack of professionalism in open source projects is a serious issue. As a business owner, I want to use tools which are supported, of high quality and that won’t disappear in the next three years. There has been an overdose of projects focusing too much on “cool” features, refactoring and crazy releases schema, rather than making sure that people could actually use it.”
Juozas Kaziukenas, CEO and founder, Web Species
“The problem with the Oracle of today is that the focus of a group of the some of the best technology minds in the industry has been hijacked to fulfill a vision that is skewed more towards fulfilling the promise of a decade-old merger and acquisition strategy than it is toward making customers both successful and happy.”
Josh Greenbaum, Principal, Enterprise Applications Consulting
“Android has been about an application execution environment and an ecosystem. Now it’s trying to have others backfill in security solutions.”
Michael Morgan, mobile devices analyst with ABI Research
“[It] is more notable for the things it fails to include.”
Johnathan Nightingale, director of engineering at Firefox, referring to Microsoft’s new browser security test
“We’ve been criticized a lot that … this is too like video game culture or something like that. But every single person here believes that every business in the world will be run like this.”
Aharon Wasserman, co-founder, NationalField, a data analytics startup
“Can the future success of a programmer be predicted by personality tests? … Broadly speaking, people who study programming empirically come at the problem from one of two angles. To some, the phrase software engineering has always had a false ring. In practice, very few programmers analyze software mathematically the way that “real” engineers analyze the strength of bridges or the resonant frequency of an electrical circuit. Instead, programming is a skilled craft, more akin to architecture, which makes the human element an important (some would say the important) focus of study.”
Greg Wilson and Jorge Aranda (authors of “Empirical Software Engineering”)

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