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Notable Quotes from Red Hat, EMC VMware and others in the software ecosystem

By October 18, 2011Uncategorized

“It’s Windows all over again. In Windows vs. Apple, why did Windows win? It was because Microsoft had a lot of people on their side.”
Jack Gold, a telecommunications analyst at J. Gold Associates (referring to Android gaining market share over iPhone)
“Open source is a huge beneficiary of the economy. It’s not a software category, it’s a production system for creating software. Software is a $20 billion business. I don’t care how it grows. I care about how much share I take in the category. Do I care if the middleware market grows at 5% or 15%? No. I care what share I’m taking. The reason a down market is reasonably good for us is that we don’t rely on market growth. We rely on share shift.”
Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat CEO
“If you look at the industry over the past few years, the way in which cloud computing is spoken of today is the way in which SOA was spoken of four or five years ago… I think with respect to SOA, it really was a fad. SOA is something that is really sound at an architectural practice level, but in something in terms of selling product, was really an artificial marketing-created concept by a lot of vendors… In the case of cloud computing, however, there is more substance behind it. However, that substance is obscured by the fact that it could mean anything to anyone.”
Rod Johnson, SVP, Middleware and GM of the SpringSource division at EMC VMware
There has been a considerable dumbing-down of agile as it has overtaken waterfall. … My biggest disappointment is that everyone wants to be agile and that too few people want to do it [right].”
Brian Marick and Ron Jeffries, co-authors of the Agile Manifesto
“Those startups that wish to get big, in the Apple sense if not the Exxon, should begin leveraging collected data as a complementary revenue stream. …The Age of Software was fun. Welcome to the Age of Data.”
Stephen O’Grady, Red Monk

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