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Notable quotes from Larry Ellison, Eric Schmidt, Bill Gates and others in the software ecosystem

By September 30, 2012Uncategorized

“Oracle’s gamble is whether it can demonstrate some kind of performance or cost advantage over competitors when people use an all-Oracle cloud infrastructure. It’s a message that needs to come out of Oracle OpenWorld next week. As yet, there is not much evidence that a ‘hybrid cloud’ based around the same hardware stack on both sides has much value.”
Jack Clark, ZDNet reporter
“I think one of the worst things that happened in the last few years has been the belief that somehow there are so many patents in the mobile phone world, an estimated 200,000 patent that are overlapping and complicated and so forth, that one vendor can stop the sale of another vendor’s phones or devices.”
Eric Schmidt, Google chairman
“I think we’re going to be watching that business and we’re going to be focusing on competing more aggressively with Teradata than we have in the past.”
Larry Elllison, CEO, Oracle
“I joked during the keynote that while the suits were up at VMWorld talking about the cloud, the geeks were at LinuxCon actually building it. The one thing I left out is that there were plenty of suits in the room too, trying to meet, influence and hire the open source geeks that will lead the next wave of computing.”
Jim Zemlin, blogger
“It’s staggering. [HP] is now the cheapest big stock in the last 25 years. That reflects an industry belief that the company is going to decline.”
A. M. Sacconaghi, analyst, Bernstein Research
“There is nothing wrong with being in charge of a declining business, as long as you are managing it.”
Meg Whitman, HP CEO
“Hardware partners are doing great things to take advantage of the features [of Windows 8]. It’ll be a big deal.”
Bill Gates, Microsoft founder

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