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Notable quotes from Jive, SAS and others in the software industry ecosystem

By October 27, 2013Uncategorized

The term big data is being used today because computer analysts and journalists got tired of writing about cloud computing. Before cloud computing it was data warehousing or software as a service. There’s a new buzzword every two years and the computer analysts come out with these things so that they will have something to consult about. — Jim Goodnight, CEO, SAS
I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Ford now ranks among the greenest brands in the world. The company’s investments in the field of big data analytics have continually increased during the last 15 years. — John Viera, global director of sustainability and vehicle environmental matters, Ford
Microsoft obviously doesn’t need an investor. But if it kills Windows Phone, it would need a mobile operating system … well, just don’t say you’re surprised when Larry Page makes a satellite appearance and Google representatives, who were all too recently banned from it, are once again allowed to attend an upcoming Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. — Chip Bayers, journalist covering technology and business.
We’re trying to move as much of our customer base as we can to the cloud. That’s going to be where we innovate first. — Tony Zingale, CEO, Jive Software
We feel for a long time that Silicon Valley hasn’t been represented at a federal level. We’re coming to a realization of our own power and capability, not just as innovators but also in a political sense. — Sean Parker, co-founder, Napster

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