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Notable quotes from IBM, Microsoft and others in the software industry ecosystem

By July 13, 2014Uncategorized

My personal vision is for IBM Global to look at IBM Philippines beyond what we are just today.  We were in the past a very strategic country for IBM Global insofar as providing services.  We now have thousands of Filipinos in IBM Philippines managing the process and IT of some large global companies.  But, the question is ‘what’s next? … [If] we started training Filipinos today on analytics, we could soon position the Philippines for higher value jobs. At that time, Gardner said that about a million jobs requiring skills in analytics would be needed around the world by 2015.  Within months after that, the same source projected 4.4 million jobs needing analytics by 2015, but only 30 percent would be filled.  ­- MarielsAlmedaWinhoffer, president and country general manager, IBM Philippines

We all assumed our data was private, and now we’re realizing that it’s not, and we’re doing something about it — as a culture, as a society. I’m seeing this all over the place. The pendulum is swinging. If people demand better privacy controls, then the natural outcome is that they’re going to want more control of their data, and eventually they’ll realize their data has value. I think there’s a big business there. – Brian Blau, Gartner Group’s research director covering social networks. Brian Blau, Gartner Group’s research director covering social networks

Meeting with partners is the most important part of my job and the most meaningful aspect of what I do. However much we innovate in Redmond and map our vision for a new cloud-first world, the reality of the marketplace rests squarely on the shoulders of partners. – Phil Sorgen, corporate vice president, Worldwide Partner Group, Microsoft Corp.

One big difference compared to the older method is that the SaaS tools almost all have open APIs and are designed with such connections in mind. That concept—”small pieces loosely joined”—has been around for a long time, but it is actually now getting used much more than before. It is changing the face of corporate programming, and I expect this to be one of the big priorities for IT departments over the next few years.- Michael J. Miller, CIO, Ziff Brothers Investment




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