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Notable quotes from IBM, Google and others in the software industry ecosystem

By January 27, 2013Uncategorized

“Most people aren’t even making mobile stuff yet. ‘Shoving my thing on the smaller screen’– that’s where the whole tech industry is. After four years of mobile apps, I’m only now starting to see examples of native mobile experiences with no laptop-based GUI artifacts.”
–       Luke Wroblewski, CEO and co-founder, Input Factory, Inc. and recognized digital design leader
“I believe that machines will continue to get smarter. But I also believe that we humans will be able to avoid obsolescence for quite some time.  . . . Yes, Watson did prevail in Jeopardy, but it consumed quite a bit more power than did its human opponents. Common sense. Although Watson seems much more human than Deep Blue (IBM’s chess-playing computer from the 1990s), Watson nevertheless is very specialised. For example, Watson would not be able to safely cross a busy street. Yes, we do have self-driving cars, but impressive as they are, they would have absolutely no clue what to do if they were on Jeopardy.”
–       Paul McKenney, IBM’s Chief Technology Officer of Linux
“Building collaboratively is more important. . . .  I don’t think enterprise software is going to be around in a few years.”
–       Tracey Halvorsen, president, Fastspot
“Like most technologies, social is following a familiar path. First there’s the argument that the software will change everything. Then there’s the realization that the latest tech won’t magically cure your enterprise. Then there’s the blowback. Quietly—and just as everyone writes it off–something else comes along as an enabler. “
–       Larry Dignan, editor in chief of ZDNet and Smart Planet
“There’s no more important project than understanding Intelligence and recreating it. I do envision a fundamental approach based on everything we understand about how the human brain [works]. And there are some things we don’t yet understand so I plan to go off and explore some of my own ideas about how certain things work.”
–       Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering, Google

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