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Notable Quotes from HP, Foundry Group and others in the software ecosystem

By October 17, 2011Uncategorized

“I have run a large company – not obviously as large as HP, but I have run a very large company. While I don’t have years of experience in an enterprise business, I bought a lot of software.”
Meg Whitman, HP’s new CEO
“When the continents shift and new players come into a space, it results in an unstable situation. If you want to be a permanent fixture of the landscape, you better get some defense.”
Paul Maritz, VMware CEO
“The current path to a green card is fraught with complex requirements, limitations, and delays. Make no mistake: The next Google or Intel is at high risk for being located on foreign soil if we do not open our doors to the immigrant founders who today are deciding where to call home.”
Jason Mendelson, managing director of the Foundry Group, a venture capital firm

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