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Notable quotes from Google, Postgres, CyberCoders and others in the software industry ecosystem

By May 26, 2013Uncategorized

I’ll still be spending 75%+ of my time on community Postgres work (about what I was doing at Red Hat). For the rest, Salesforce is interested in expanding their use of Postgres, and I’ll be advising the team that is working on that. I’m not supposed to say too much about details, but they have some very interesting database problems to solve, so I’m looking forward to it.
–          Tom Lane, core contributor to Postgres, an alternative to Oracle software
What they teach you in MBA schools in the US is that there are three innovation principles that have to be jealously adhered to, if you desire success. … When you fulfil all three principles, the innovation has value. If it were this easy in real life, the professors would be out there innovating – not teaching innovation.
–          Datuk Seri Dr Kamal Jit Singh, CEO, Unit Inovasi Khas
Almost every time we’ve done something crazy, we’ve made progress. Not every time but a lot of the time. Now we’ve become kind of emboldened. I say we’re at 1% of what’s possible.
–          Larry Page, CEO, Google
Data skeptics are not without justification. Our use of “small data” hasn’t exactly worked out uniformly well so far, crude numbers often being misused either knowingly or otherwise.
–          Edd Dumbill, principal analyst, O’Reilly Radar
This is an incredible time for those who have tech skills or are willing to learn them. Unlike the dotcom bubble of the last decade, our need for continually improving technology is constant due to our improved processes and every day enjoyment of our smart phones and big data.
–          Heidi Golledge, CEO, CyberCoders

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