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Notable quotes from Eric Schmidt, Ray Ozzie, HP's Biri Singh, and others in the software ecosystem

By March 11, 2012Uncategorized

“We won’t pull [Amazon’s] customers out by the horns,” he said, “but we already have customers in beta who see us as a great alternative.”
Zorawar “Biri” Singh, senior vice president and general manager of H.P.’s cloud services, referring to H.P.’s new service available within the next two months
“Filtering technology will inevitably become more effective, and we face the very real possibility that we could end up living in a society in which software silently deletes our voices, our thoughts and our culture.”
Eric Schmidt, Google chairman
“If Windows 8 shifts in a form that people really want to buy the product, the company will have a great future. In any industry, if people look at their needs, and look at the products and say ‘I understand why I had it then, and I want something different,’ they will not have as good a future. It’s too soon to tell.”
Ray Ozzie, former Microsoft CTO and chief software architect
“If gasoline prices continue to remain at these levels, we don’t think people will be lined up to buy iPad 3, maybe extreme of the extreme fans only.”
Trip Chowdry, Global Equities analyst
“The biggest challenge they (Google Android) have is they don’t have near the level of control that Apple does. They don’t control all the hardware like Apple does, but they can make the navigation and the discovery of either content or apps easier. They have to do this [replacing the Android Market with the Google Play store]. It’s a crucial step for them.”
Mike McGuire, Gartner analyst
“The problem is, we’re hairless apes that like to recognize patterns, even in random noise. So as a result, we make little rules for ourselves – Entrepreneurs who are Harvard dropouts are good, but dropping out of Stanford grad school is even better. It’s good if they start a company in their 20s unless they’re Jeff Bezos. Being an alum of Google is good, but being an alum of Paypal is even better. Hardcore engineers as founders is good, but the list of exceptions is long: Airbnb, Pinterest, Zynga, Fab, and many others. And whatever you do, don’t fund husband-wife teams, unless they start VMWare or Cisco, in which case forget that piece of advice.”
Nathan Kaiser, NPost blogger

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