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Notable quotes about Workday, Apple, Facebook and others in the software ecosystem

By September 2, 2012Uncategorized

“”The Apple-Samsung lawsuit has given us some reference point on our future innovation. … Even though the bulk of our shipments run on Android, the trend is to diversify into other products running on Windows.”
– Senior executive with a major Chinese mobile maker
“Recently it seems fashionable to predict that something is going to die. Facebook. … Twitter. Silicon Valley. … It’s so much easier to predict something will fail than to make something that will succeed. The latter takes a phenomenal effort; blood, sweat and tears; the former takes nothing. … To borrow a phrase from a great and successful man, it is ‘the audacity of hope’ that gets us there. Not negativity.”
Christopher Jackson, freelance writer for The Next Web
“The investors who bought into Zynga and Facebook at high prices, they look stupid, it looks terrible. Once you see people get burned, the discipline returns.”
Promod Hague, managing partner, Norwest Venture Partners
“I have 10 engineers, but without [Amazon Web Services] I guarantee I’d need 60. It just gets cheaper, and cheaper, and cheaper. … I don’t even know what the ballpark number for a server is — for me, it would be like knowing what the price of a sword is.”
Daniel Gross, co-founder, Cue, a startup
“There’s incredible pent-up demand for the approach Workday is taking. I’ve talked to customers who are very frustrated with the amount of money they pay for maintaining their Oracle-PeopleSoft implementation with relatively few users.”
Steve Koenig, analyst, Wedbush