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Notable quotes about Trulia, IBM, Actian and others in the software industry ecosystem

By October 13, 2013Uncategorized

Note how the businesses using Trulia, OpenTable, AirBnB are not even in the market for “CRM.” This is what real disruption looks like. — Anshu Sharma, former VP product management & strategy at  and previous founder of Oracle SaaS Platform
If you play golf, it’s ok. If you ride a bicycle, it’s great. If you live in front of a mirror, I guess that’s [Silicon Valley] where you do it. If you are going to build product, and you are going to sell stuff around the world… you don’t want those kinds of people. And you don’t want people who don’t have other interests. You want well-rounded people. … Our competition is only going to be in other cities that have similar kinds of characteristics. And the city that comes to mind is London. — New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg
In the Age of Data, organizations need next-generation technologies that rapidly turn big-data investments into value-creation engines. To achieve this, different data platforms must work together to meet the mixed workload demands that result from the convergence of emerging data and new analytics. — Steve Shine, CEO, Actian Corporation
Sync [using the cloud for private storage] is the new save. — Drew Houston, chief executive, Dropbox
We believe the cloud is really driving the demise of hardware, services and software revenue throughout IT, including IBM. With each customer that deploys [cloud technology], future revenue streams from IBM become more difficult to tap. — Ben Reitzes, analyst, Barclays

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