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Notable quotes about the Oracle v Google Trial

By April 21, 2012Uncategorized

“I think we do a lot to respect IP.”
Larry Page, Google CEO, testifying in the current jury trial, Oracle v. Google
“I don’t recall. … the same order and same name is a strong indicator that it is likely that I did. … if I did, it was a mistake, and I’m sorry I did it.”
Joshua Bloch, Google’s Java guru, responding to trial question on whether he had copied copyrighted Sun code
“The takeaway here is clear. Oracle and Sun failed to monetize Java on the mobile front, and now Oracle is trying to use the courts to achieve what they couldn’t do in the marketplace.”
Larry Dignan, editor in chief of ZDNet and editorial director of CNET’s TechRepublic
“It is impossible for software developers to avoid infringing them, no matter how hard they try, and patent-infringement lawsuits can cripple or destroy a business. The result is a game of Russian roulette in which developers desperately hope to avoid lawsuits, rather than a clear and fair system of intellectual property rights.”
Christina Mulligan, postdoctoral fellow at the Information Society Project at Yale Law School
“The creators of Java made it free and open, and cheered the launch of Android. Oracle’s claims not only go beyond copyright and patent law, but also threaten the entire Java community, software developers, and the goal of making systems work together smoothly,”
–   Jim Prosser, Oracle
“You can’t just step on someone’s intellectual property because you have a good business reason for it.”
Michael Jacobs, lawyer for Oracle in his opening statement in the current jury trial, Oracle v. Google
“This is not the first time Google has acted like the law was for little people.”
Richard Zybert, of Zybert Computing
“Most of us who are in this business got into it to make stuff, not to own patents or be in patent litigation.”
Twitter’s VP of engineering

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