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Notable quotes about tech bubbles, mobile and other aspects of the software industry ecosystem

By March 29, 2014Uncategorized

I don’t think of the cloud and mobile as two things. They are two facets of one thing. The cloud was created to enable mobility. And mobile devices are really uninteresting without the cloud. That’s why I talk about them together. Mobile without cloud is limiting. The cloud without mobile is mostly latent potential. — Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

This is exactly how bubbles occur. Everyone assumes the other guy knows something they don’t know and that becomes the new assumption that future valuations are based on. Analysts bless the deals, investors buy, and everyone cashes in. For a while. — Steve Tobak, Silicon Valley-based strategy consultant

One can only hope that security becomes a competitive issue in the world of virtualized systems. If we have learned nothing else from decades of operating system development, it is that security as an afterthought doesn’t work. A system needs to be secure from the ground up, and perhaps competition is the best way to deliver that. — Wayne Rash, writer for eWeek

Another very interesting, although nascent, legal question for corporate users of big data …. [I]f companies use big data analytics to look at historical data to predict where problems, accidents, or financial irregularities are likely to arise, do they have a greater duty to act to prevent problems before they cause injury? If so, how will big-data applications be used to prove that notice existed and that the company should have acted sooner? And if big data applications do not analyze the data correctly, are these providers liable for failing to identify the potential for injuries or unfortunate events? — David J. Walton, managing director of Electronic Discovery Practice and Advisory Services, Cozen O’Connor

Now that so many of us own smartphones, a small clique of geeks can no longer dictate which apps are worth a billion dollars. — Tim Bradshaw, contributor to Financial Times

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