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Notable quotes about software programmers, startups, SAP, MintChip and others in the software ecosystem

By April 15, 2012Uncategorized

“All the hosting providers and small cloud startups and professional services organizations are cruising around the world trying to find anyone and everyone who can spell cloud. If you have successfully built and delivered any kind of cloud environment for someone and can put that on your resume, you can write your own ticket.”
Mark Thiele, EVP of Data Center Technologies, Switch
“To their credit, I think they’ve [SAP] been a little more aggressive [in embracing mobile] than some of the traditional IT vendors, such as IBM and Oracle.”
Gene Signorini, analyst, Yankee Group
“As part of its research and development efforts, the Mint has developed MintChip, which could be characterized as an evolution of physical money, with the added benefits of being electronic.”
Ian E. Bennett, CEO, Royal Canadian Mint
“The basic unit of innovation in Silicon Valley is the team. Innovation is an irrational act, and the only way to get through that irrationality is to surround yourself with other people as crazy and obsessed with changing the world as you are.”
Paul Saffo, Silicon Valley futurist
“There are moments when users can be charming, but for the most part, they are quirky and unpredictable — and can be very demanding. Programmers can try to guess how and where these peculiarities will arise when users are confronted with the end result of code, but they’ll probably fail. Most users aren’t programmers, and asking a programmer to think like the average user is like asking a cat to think like a dog.”
Peter Wayner, contributing editor, InfoWorld Test Center
“I don’t really want to play golf, then drink three martinis and fall asleep. It’s exciting to be building companies and working on startups.”
Randy Adams, 60-year-old, veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur and founder of recent startup, CrowdCall
“The development of new collaborative software architectures is changing the manufacturing paradigm to a more dynamic and distributed model. New crowdsourcing platforms will enable parties with specialized knowledge to securely interact with a global community of experts on the Industrial Internet, resulting in the creation of better, more robust product designs in a much shorter period of time.”
Joseph Salvo, manager of the Business Integration Technologies Lab at GE Global Research, referring to a collaborative effort among GE, MIT, and DARPA to revolutionize modern-day design and manufacturing