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Notable quotes about Software AG, IBM and others in the software industry ecosystem

By April 28, 2013Uncategorized

There is something very different about how everybody is moving to the cloud and how they [Software AG] are moving to the cloud. Almost all of the other players are saying, ‘Hey, we are cloud-based,’ but they are just spinning up another instance of Amazon EC2 to claim they are in the cloud.
–          Pankaj Malviya, founder and CEO, LongJump
From an IBM perspective, in my lifetime, I have not seen so much of IBM all behind one thing [PureSystems] with software, hardware and services; it’s like 50 years ago when we announced the mainframe. In many ways, it is as big as that, but designed for a different world.
–          Ambuj Goyal, general manager of development in IBM’s Systems and Technology Group
Startups as a general category are probably highly overrated. Basically it’s an irrational act. I think that’s the part that’s getting lost. I think the cult of startups, and of course Stanford’s ground zero for this … Those startups are miserable experiences.
–          Marc Andreessen, co-founder and general partner, Andreessen Horowitz
Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 oozes so much innovation it almost trips over itself. The good news is you can turn much of it off and you’re still left with possibly the best smartphone on the market. The better news is that Samsung has attempted eye tracking and a gesture UI, among other cleverness, and given us all a glimpse of the future. The trouble is, that future isn’t quite now. It’s more parlor trick than necessity, and sometimes more trouble than it’s worth.
–          Fritz Nelson, editorial director InformationWeek Business Technology Network

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