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Notable quotes about Satya Nadella, Twitter and others in the software industry ecosystem

By February 9, 2014Uncategorized
[Satya Nadella] is the right person to drive safe, right down the middle of the fairway, and continue Microsoft’s strengths. What we don’t know is will Nadella help with the consumer revival, or with the mobile revival. Mobile is an open hole in his background. — Rajeev Chand, managing director and head of research at tech investment bank Rutberg & Co.

I am so disturbed by kids who spend all day playing video games. … People have chosen games where there’s a virtual ball rather than a real ball, and they prefer virtual games to real games because they’re easy. … you’re more successful, in virtual reality. … The impact of technology on children, right now in different aspects of our lives, is sometimes fabulous, and sometimes terrible. — Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle

[In] a technical paper by Princeton University researchers … used an epidemiological approach to model social-networking affiliations. Joining a network was, they conjectured, analogous to infection by a contagious disease, while abandonment was analogous to recovery.  — John Naughton, author of “From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg: What You Really Need to Know About the Internet”

Amazon Web Services’ only real competition is Google on the technology front and Microsoft on the enterprise front. … Google Apps, a pivot point of Google’s outreach to the enterprise, doesn’t have many large converts. … Microsoft doesn’t have to figure out how to sell to the enterprise; it’s been doing it for many years. … Microsoft has such a strong enterprise systems offering in place that its cash flow will help fund its expansion into cloud services. Not many companies can say this; it takes capital — lots of it — to launch a global cloud service. — Charles Babcock, editor at large, InformationWeek

We do not want to see a continuation of the existing direction for the [Microsoft] business, so it will be important that Mr. Nadella be free to make changes.” — Rick Sherlund, analyst at Nomura

Our industry does not respect tradition — it only respects innovation. This is a critical time for the industry and for Microsoft. Make no mistake, we are headed for greater places … — Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft, in his first official CEO email to employees

When Twitter filed for an IPO with an all-male board, the New York Times slammed it for being an old boys’ club. Rather than admitting that his company may have erred, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo chose to lash out publicly against a critic — me — for expressing outrage in the article. A few weeks later, Twitter gave in to the growing backlash and announced a woman director. — Vivek Wadhwa, VP Innovation and Research, Singularity University

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