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Notable quotes about SAS, Informatica, IBM and others in the software industry ecosystem

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“When Will LinkedIn Launch a CRM Service? Should CRM Vendors Worry?”


Sohaib Abbasi recently passed his ten-year anniversary as chief executive of Informatica, which has doubled its revenue since 2009 to deliver $1 billion in annual sales. … To put Abbasi’s tenure in perspective it’s worth noting that Hewlett-Packard in the last decade had six CEOs, including interim ones, and Yahoo had seven fully-installed CEOs. SAP over the last decade has had two teams of co-CEOs, with one-half of the second duo later flying solo as leader. And CA Technologies has had three CEOs during that spell. — Larry Dignan, editor-in-chief, ZDNet; editorial director, TechRepublic


I cannot recall a judge saying in a class-action case that the amount of settlement is too low and you need to go back and go for broke at trial. This [Judge Koh’s rejection of proposed settlement in case of leading tech companies agreeing not to poach each other’s enginers] is very striking. — Daniel Crane, professor, antitrust law, University of Michigan Law School

[W]hile our market is getting more crowded with niche providers and large IT players buying their way into the big data market, we remain confident about our prospects as our near 40 year track record in analytics and continued investment means we have the most complete analytics and data management solution stack available. — Mark Wilkinson, managing director, SAS UK

IBM has broken new ground in the field of brain-inspired computers, in terms of a radically new architecture, unprecedented scale, unparalleled power/area/speed efficiency, boundless scalability, and innovative design techniques. — Dr. Dharmendra S. Modha, IBM Fellow and IBM chief scientist at Brain-Inspired Computing, IBM Research

Big and fast data is a critical piece of how modern industry is reinventing itself in order to innovate and compete. The new industrial data lake architecture answers the call for the fast and highly scalable management of the unique industrial big data that is helping global enterprises transform their operations and build a new class of applications. — Paul Maritz, CEO, Pivotal     

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