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Notable quotes about SAP, AT&T, open source, Silicon Valley and others in the software ecosystem

By April 28, 2012Uncategorized

“If you’re not getting in [big data solutions] right now it’s hard to see how you can keep up with the pace of innovation.”
Ping Li of Accel Partners, a venture capital firm investing in big-data startups
“Since 1960, Silicon Valley companies have been the pacesetters in four consecutive infotech revolutions (semiconductors, personal computers, the Internet, and mobile)…. It’s strange, then, that the Bay Area innovation community seems content to let the next big technology revolution happen elsewhere. I’m talking about robotics.
Wade Roush, chief correspondent at Xconomy and editor of Xconomy San Francisco
“We intend to be the fastest-growing database company in the world. Most of them [potential customers interested in switching to SAP’s HANA] are not that happy with their incumbent [database provider].”
Bill McDermott, SAP co-CEO
“Everyone’s talking openness when it comes to cloud computing, because it’s something users say they want. And providers are saying, ‘Yeah, yeah, we’re open.’ But in fact, ‘openness’ has a narrow definition.”
Gordon Haff, cloud evangelist for Red Hat
“They [AT&T and Verizon] have to re-imagine and reinvent their businesses,” “They are coming to the realization that they need to look outside their organizations for inspiration.”
Bob Ackerman, founder, Allegis Capital
“Many companies play the ‘patents by the pound’ ploy – get all you can, as cheaply as you can, and scare people with a big thicket of patents. I have never been a fan of this approach, but it certainly should not be applied to key technology – and definitely not to technology that is now hard to write valid claims over.”
Dave Healey, principal, Fish & Richardson, a global intellectual property law firm