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Notable quotes about Samsung, Oracle, NYC Silicon Alley, and others in the software industry ecosystem

By June 16, 2013Uncategorized

Oracle wasn’t built for today’s modern, data-driven applications. Some companies who continue to use it for their strategic applications may lose not only market share, but also the shirts off of their backs.
–          Robin Schumacher, VP of product management, DataStax
I believe that more and more Stanford graduates will find themselves moving to [New York’s] Silicon Alley, not only because we’re the hottest new tech scene in the country, but also because there’s more to do on a Friday night than go to the Pizza Hut in Sunnyvale ….
–          Michael Bloomberg, New York City mayor
We accept [U.S.] startups at a very early stage, when they are seen by angel investors in the United States as too risky. So they come here, prove their hypothesis, and then they can move on.
–          Horacio Melo, executive director, Startup Chile
We will bring together the people, power and resources to leverage the world’s largest device ecosystem and launch product on a massive scale. And we’re just getting started. Want to join us? You bring the product vision, we’ll bring the rest.
–          Sign on Samsung’s soon-to-be-launched startup accelerator in Palo Alto
I’ve found that our technical capabilities often far exceed what you see in Tom Cruise films. But there are a few feats he can accomplish in the movies that we can’t; we haven’t figured out, for example, how to change an individual’s fingerprints or eyeballs just yet — but give us time.
–          David Petraeus, former CIA director, in a March 2012 speech
We’ve done two integrations so far in Ireland and Italy, where we’ve brought over all the Qype content and started redirecting the traffic. I don’t think there has ever been a move of content from one site to another at this scale: Qype has somewhere north of 15m unique users, and a few million reviews. It’s gone relatively smoothly, but it’s a very complex project.
–          Jeremy Stoppelman, CEO, Yelp

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