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Notable quotes about Salesforce, Red Hat, and others in the software industry ecosystem

By March 10, 2013Uncategorized

“Don’t get me wrong – these pieces [blogs about switching from one mobile operating system to another] have their place and I’m glad they’re being written. They fascinate me, especially iPhone-to-Product X ones, because I’ve toyed with the idea of switching to Windows Phone 8 now and then. The Lumia 920 is a beautiful phone, as is the HTC 8X, and I’m excited by the possibilities of Microsoft’s platform. That doesn’t mean I think iOS is boring. It just means Windows Phone 8 presents a feature set I didn’t know I wanted before.”
–          Harry Marks, tech blogger
“I’m not a believer in the lean-startup theory once you get traction. That’s fine when you’re throwing things against the wall and seeing what sticks. But once you know it works, you’ve got to pour gasoline on the fire.”
–          David Sacks, CEO, Yammer
“Red Hat is supremely aware of the open source ethos and the need for responsible stewardship. We plan to use our community experience to keep a viable open source Java in the marketplace for the long term.”
–          Craig Muzilla, VP and general manager for middleware, Red Hat
“Salesforce’s goal to power its cloud with renewable energy sends an important signal to the rest of the sector that energy efficiency is important, but not enough.  Salesforce has been an early pioneer in the sector’s shift to the cloud, and other major data center operators should follow the example that Google, Facebook, and now Salesforce have set by being more transparent about their energy and making a renewably powered cloud an explicit goal.”
–          David Pomerantz, media officer, Greenpeace
“Perhaps OpenStack was the big news, but a key part of the announcement was IBM’s support of Chef and Chef recipes with its Orchestrator,” Governor said. “They are doing this with the assistance of Opscode, and I see it as a selection of Chef over Puppet. This is big. I would not be surprised to see IBM invest in if not acquire Opscode.”
–          James Governor, analyst and co-founder, RedMonk

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