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Notable quotes about, VMware, Oracle and On-Live Desktop

By February 27, 2012Uncategorized

“I would also hope this [the new IBM System Networking Distributed Virtual Switch 5000V] marks a change in philosophy at VMware and they will work to support broader ecosystems of third-party virtual switches. But I doubt it.”
Alex Benik, principal, Battery Ventures
“This continual use of policy changes, added to the over-reliance on non-GAAP measures and the general pumping nature of the business in light of questionable GAAP performance and ongoing dilution of the shareholders constitute rather large red flags regarding Add to this an EV/EBITDA running at 150+ and it’s really truly amazing that this stock continues to float in the clouds.”
Paulo Santos, independent trader, analyst and algorithmic trading expert
“Take immigrants out of Silicon Valley and you have no Silicon Valley.”
Michael Moritz, venture capitalist with Sequoia Capital
“While Salesforce might have a lot of valuable applications, and might still have a more robust and popular CRM product than Microsoft, it doesn’t have Microsoft Office.”
John Mylant, founder and CEO,
“Oracle is the leader in the enterprise stack, but, when it comes to the cloud, it has acted like a follower. Oracle’s initial response to the popularity of cloud computing was to revert to the mainframe mindset with Oracle private clouds.”
Tien Tzuo, CEO of Zuora and former chief strategy officer at
“There’s an insane amount of technology behind this stunt. … “1-gigabit Internet” means the fastest connection you’ve ever used in your life. Now, you might be wondering: what good is a 1-gigabit connection … if the far slower connection on my end is the bottleneck? … OnLive pares down the data to just what your iPad can show. … OnLive (free) and OnLive Plus ($5 a month) are both brilliantly executed steps [toward] the long-promised world of “thin client” computing. … If ever there were a poster child for the potential of cloud computing, OnLive is it. This is jaw-dropping, extremely polished technology. It opens up a universe of software and horsepower that live far beyond the iPad’s wildest dreams ….”
David Pogue, commenting on the launch of OnLive Desktop Plus (cloud-based Windows on iPads)
“With 2G and 3G networks giving way to 4G networks − fueling mobile subscriber appetites for high-definition video, streaming media, on-demand movies, and more − network capacity has become a business challenge for mobile network operators.”
–  Stacey Infantino, ByteMobile
“When you say Oracle, I think of a trapped Siebel customer base. Lots and lots of Siebel deployments where I think you’ve got a lot of companies that are disappointed they couldn’t get their users to use it.”
Dennis Michalis, newly appointed general manager for Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM

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