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Notable quotes about Salesforce, Big Data, Facebook and others in the software ecosystem

By September 16, 2012Uncategorized

“CRM systems delivered by, Oracle and SugarCRM are really powerful, but where they fall down is that users don’t like to use them.”
Lawrence Coburn, CEO and co-founder, DoubleDutch
“Facebook is yesterday’s story. People are looking at the next thing.”
Terry Connelly, dean emeritus at Golden Gate University’s Ageno School of Business
“Even in Silicon Valley, it takes most technologies 20 years to become overnight successes.”
Mr. Saffo, consulting professor, Stanford’s school of engineering
“As long as he’s not on the island that I’m on, it’s OK with me.”
Marc Benioff, CEO,, referring to Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s recent purchase of a Hawaiian island
“Large parts of the IT industry are putting up smoke and mirrors around big data.”
Mark Wilkinson, IK managing director, SAS

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