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Notable quotes about Oracle, Facebook and others in the software industry ecosystem

By June 23, 2013Uncategorized
[Oracle’s Q3-2013 performance] was clearly an economic issue, not a product, competitive issue.
–          Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle
[A]s newer, cloud-based solutions continue to pour into the enterprise space, old-line software vendors such as Oracle and Microsoft — not to mention Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Dell — have to get creative. Whereas once they were sworn enemies in the sales battlefields, now they are looking for ways to combine their talents and fight to retain marketshare against a boatload of newcomers from all over the globe.
–          Chris Preimesberger, editor, Features & Analysis, eWEEK
Can Zuck come back? Anything’s possible, but, he needs Sheryl Sandberg (or somebody) to Lean In on more Facebook brainstorming sessions and fewer activist appointments. Sandberg, as COO, appeared to be the rock that kept Zuckerberg focused. She has either gone AWOL —  thanks to her celebrity (?) — or there’s just no helping a young CEO in over his head.
–          Rocco Pendola, director of social media, TheStreet
We no longer control our brand. Our customers control our brand.
–          Adam Pisoni, co-founder and GM of engineering, Yammer
The greatest gift of the web and cloud computing, in my humble opinion, is the ability to be proven wrong faster. It’s so much lower risk to take a bet on the web and then learn what works and what doesn’t.
–          Chris O’Neill, managing director, Google Canada

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