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Notable quotes about Oracle, Apple, SAP and others in the software industry ecosystem

By December 9, 2012Uncategorized

“They [Apple] need another new product that hits it out of the park. Without that, they could get a gradual grind-down in confidence.”
–          Brian Battle, director of trading at Performance Trust Capital Partners
“Oracle . . . has a big problem on its hands: in a recent survey of senior information-technology executives in charge of IT budgets greater than $50 million, 85% are trying to figure out how to get out of expensive license agreements with Oracle, reports the Register.”
–         AP/Noah Berger
“Has SAP truly seen the light and will it now lead the cloud revolution? Unfortunately there are signs it’s still clinging to the belief that core ERP will forever remain on premises.”
–       Doug Henschen, executive editor, Information Week
“China’s media say I am China’s Steve Jobs. . . . I will take this as a compliment but such kind of comparison brings us huge pressure. Xiaomi and Apple are two totally different companies.  Xiaomi’s based on the Internet. . . . We’re not a company that chases sakes volume. We chase customer satisfaction.”
–       Lei Jun, founder, Xiaomi
“For the past few years we’ve had people calling themselves “investors,” who have no experience investing, swanning around the Valley, slinging money at people calling themselves “entrepreneurs” who have never held an actual job, let alone run a company. How could this have ended in anything but a train wreck?”
–       Dan Lyons, editor-in-chief, ReadWrite

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