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Notable quotes about Oracle, African startups, IBM and others in the software industry ecosystem

By May 5, 2013Uncategorized

Many companies are achieving great success with Open Innovation platforms like Innocentive or P&G’s internal program, Connect+ Develop.  However, for Apple to create truly collaborative relationships with outside entities they will have to make serious adjustments to their famously prickly culture.
–          Greg Satell, internationally recognized authority on digital strategy and innovation
Many of Oracle’s hardware and systems software product lines may be in danger of being made less market relevant as customers prefer to get more of their computing power in the cloud. Relevance is the key word here. For Oracle, their continued advancements in performance improvements appear to be keeping their products technically relevant, but how important is it to be relevant in declining markets? … If the application market makes another significant move technically, the time it could take Oracle to adjust would be significant (and the cost quite high). It’s time to rationalize the product line some.
–          Brian Sommer, CEO, TechVentive, and research analyst at Vital Analysis
There’s not a company out there that doesn’t say they have in memory analytics and a really nice user interface, but they’re not all the same. They can’t do predictive analytics.
–          Jim Davis, senior vice-president and CMO, SAS
Right now there is nothing sexier than Africa’s trendy and attention-grabbing tech scene. It’s like the hero of a great tale: down and out, talented, with nothing to lose.
–          Michelle Atagana, managing editor,
[Whether tablets will survive for another five years is not the right question.] Rather, the question should be, what single device will consumers use five years from now? The expectation is that over time, users want to carry one device that will connect to a lot of different screens and keyboards. The most important point is that the hardware form factors are becoming less relevant and as a deciding factor for the industry. The industry is becoming a software and service industry that is focused on how platforms are powered.
–          Tyler Lessard, CMO, Fixmo
The mainframe is the most flexible technology platform in computing.
–          Rodney C. Adkins, SVP systems and technology, IBM