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Notable quotes about open source, patents, Apple, Microsoft, and others in the software ecosystem

By November 14, 2011Uncategorized

“What is quite disconcerting is Apple’s response. When someone calls you in the middle of the night to tell you that your house is on fire, you don’t scream at them for waking you up.”
Ben Rothke, author of “Computer Security: 20 things Every Employee Should Know,” in response to Apple kicking Charlie Miller out of the Apple Developer program after he revealed a security flaw in the App Store
“Every time there are these technologies that are really disruptive, there are patent cases.”
Horacio Gutierrez, deputy general counsel for Microsoft
“[The test was successful in one thing – pointing out a potential problem.] Of course, this is why we do tests. But why didn’t we do this 20 years ago?”
Bill Johnstone, president of the Oregon Association of Broadcasters, blaming a computer software glitch for the failure (in several states) of the National Emergency Alert System, created to give the U.S. President a way to speak to the American public during a crisis
“We’re the incumbent that Apple is seen as going after. That’s brought us a lot of attention.”
Matt Brezina, CEO, Sincerely (a San Francisco-based startup)
“Laziness is the biggest challenge [in open source adoption]! Adopters usually do not tend to understand the software fully before using or tweaking it. This causes a lot of security flaws and other bugs in the way it is implemented or tweaked.”
Aseem Jakhar, open security researcher
“A few years back, a patch submission from coders at Microsoft would have been amazing to the point of unthinkable, but the battles are mostly over and times have changed. We still disagree on some things such as the role of software patents in preventing the creation of innovative software; but Microsoft is now at the forefront of efforts to build a stronger community and improve interoperability in the SMB world.”
Christopher Hertel of the open-source Samba project

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