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Notable quotes about open source, BI, cloud, Steve Jobs and others in the software ecosystem

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“Remote computing BI that focuses on hardware cost sharing is problematic. Moving data in and out of the cluster is a big part of the overall cost, at least if you plan to process it only occasionally once it gets there. I haven’t seen a plan yet that gets around that point.”
Curt Monash of Monash Research
“Savvy companies will look for talent outside Silicon Valley by becoming active in relevant open-source projects, and may well succeed in hiring that talent by giving developers the freedom to stay where they are, rather than relocate to the Silicon-Valley area. This begins to make more sense if one assumes that a company’s recruiting focus shouldn’t necessarily be on finding superstar talent, but rather in building superstar teams. … Open source is a great way to find such people, because a developer’s team productivity is discernible through mailing lists, code commits and other channels.”
Matt Asay, senior vice president, Nodeable
“… the use of legal tactics to slow or outright kill the advancement of open source software (particularly in the mobile sector) continues to be a serious problem. Sadly, I don’t see it stopping anytime soon, particularly as cloud and big data use explodes in the coming months. The more commoditization and collaboration succeeds, the more desperate proprietary software companies get desperate.”
Brian Proffitt, veteran Linux and open source journalist/analyst
“Many enterprise IT organizations are putting up roadblocks to the adoption of cloud computing by listing features that they assert are mission-critical, knowing full well that the cloud providers do not yet provide such features. Now, cloud providers are calling the IT bluff (or addressing these mission-critical requirements, depending on your point of view) by adding these features to their road maps. … The problem I have with this process is that much of what’s valuable in the world of cloud computing is the simplicity and cost advantage – which is quickly going away as cloud providers pile on features.”
David Linthicum, blogger for InfoWorld
“Let me tell you that if you were listening, of the 1,000 adjectives for Steve nice, kindness, would not be up there. If you want nice and kindness – I wrote biography of Ben Franklin, buy it. But I write the biography of the people I’m writing about. And I’d say, ‘Why are you that way, Steve? And he’d say, ‘This is who I am, this is the way I am.’ And people say, well, you know, he didn’t put a license plate on and he sometimes parked in the handicap, or he cut in line. He actually seemed to live as if the normal rules didn’t apply to him. That’s not what you want to teach your 6-year-old, or for that matter my 21-year old. But it also leads you to be the type of person you can celebrate – and here’s to the misfits, the crazy ones – you know, the “Think Different” ad. And if you believe the rules don’t apply to you, sometimes you’re able to bend reality.”
Walter Isaacson, author of the book, “Steve Jobs”

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