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Notable quotes about Mozilla, Cisco, Salesforce, SAP, Flexera and others in the software ecosystem

By February 19, 2012Uncategorized

“Mozilla believes that the web is the platform and the entire web should be your marketplace. To this end, we are building products and services across three different threads.”
Mozilla Foundation, which is building a Marketplace for Apps that will open in June and serve web-ified apps to smartphones, tables and desktops regardless of hardware, operating system or maker
“We are on this journey to transform software to be much more of a competitive advantage for us, and evolve from legacy ways of thinking about operating systems to newer ways of creating networking operating systems that are much more intelligent and contextualised.”
Padmasree Warrior, Global CTO, Cisco
“Companies in general, but specifically our clients are looking to work more effectively and more efficiently. The inherent benefits and possibilities via cloud computing and can represent a solution catalyst.”
Bill Allison, principal, Deloitte Consulting, referring to the recent alliance between Deloitte and
CIOs must go so far as to create a new position called CMO, with the “M” standing for “mobility” instead of “marketing.” The CMO will design applications and policies around mobile technologies first, fueling “profitable growth with stickier offerings and mobile self-service.”
Ted Schadler and John McCarthy, co-authors of Forrester Research’s report, “Mobile is the New Face of Engagement”
“Google+ drew its first 10 million users in just 16 days. Twitter and Facebook took more than two years to reach that milestone. Before we get carried away, we should take a deep breath and remember that Twitter has 200 million users, 10 times what Google+ has. For that matter, Facebook has about 750 million users. It would take years for Google+ to grow that large. But this is how disruption happens. Things start out small, sometimes as almost a joke. But they keep getting better, and more people start using them, and pretty soon they’ve conquered the world.”
Dan Lyons, tech blogger, technology editor at Newsweek and the creator of Fake Steve Jobs, the persona behind the notorious tech blog The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs
“Many of the drivers that have led to the explosive growth in the now $32B Carrier Ethernet market are the same drivers that will require us all to think differently about networking product development … and how the new paradigm of software-defined networking represents the future of the networking industry.”
Sandy Orlando, IP Infusion vice president of marketing
“Benioff has indeed moved Salesforce into the [human capital management] HCM space. So the big question is this: when Salesforce intensifies its incursion into HCM, will Workday be a strategic partner or a primary competitor?”
Bob Evans, long-time tech analyst and now writer for SAP
“Application usage management has taken center stage due to the explosive growth in virtualization, the cloud, the consumerization of IT, connected intelligence devices and other trends.”
Mark Bishof, president and CEO, Flexera Software
“The SMB sector is an important sector for us. We no longer want these [big data analytics] customers to avert their innovation journey.”
Eric Duffaut, SAP global ecosystems and channels president

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