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Notable quotes about Microsoft's SmartGlass, Twitter, Oracle, Ford and others in the software ecosystem

By June 10, 2012Uncategorized

“Oracle unveiled its public cloud on Wednesday, and CEO Larry Ellison dished out plenty of criticisms of competitors in the process. Some were half-truths. In some cases, Ellison laid claim to ‘unique’ strategies first articulated by competitors.”
Doug Henschen, executive editor, InformationWeek
“I’ve written before about how I’m an Apple man. … But then Microsoft had to go and announce this thing it’s calling SmartGlass. … If only we could get the well-designed, choice-heavy browsing experience we’ve come to expect on our other devices, and import it into our flatscreen. Whoever hacks that will have finally ‘cracked it,’ in Steve Jobs’s words. … [T]he Xbox now is issuing a siren call from my den: ‘Buy a Windows tablet … buy a Windows phone … We could all have so much fun together….’ I’m listening, Redmond. Well done.”
David Zax, technology reviewer
“We want you to have access to your life outside the car while you’re riding inside. And we want it to be seamless. We want you to have the same access to devices at home as you do on the road. We’re taking advantage of that opportunity created by the cloud.”
Jim Buczkowski, director of electrical and electronics systems, Ford Research and Innovation
“Twitter … is now looking less like a long term independent company, and more like an acquisition target for Google or maybe even Microsoft.”
Nicholas Carlson, deputy editor, Business Insider
“Car is no more a car but a chip on wheels, and aircraft is no more an aircraft but a chip on wings. Innovation should become the buzzword for the IT industry ….”
MN Vidyashankar, India’s principal secretary, commerce and industry, IT, BT and science and technology
“These days, there is so much more data outside the enterprise than within it, that the notion of re-packaging an enterprise’s own data for analysis and workflow seems quaint.”
Raj De Datta, CEO and co-founder, BloomReach

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