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Notable quotes about Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and others in the software industry ecosystem

By March 31, 2013Uncategorized

“Microsoft is making important progress in smartphones, tablets, and gaming, while maintaining its core enterprise business. The naysayers may shout loudest, but I believe Microsoft remains an absolute must-own name in the space. …  [W]hen Google’s Android was sitting where Windows currently sits, the naysayers were just as loud. Why would anyone buy Android when there are so many more apps available for iPhone? Google ignored the doubters and swelled to own the global market.”
–          Doug Ehrman, Motley Fool contributor
“Oracle is big, but it’s focused on trying to put together a system of hardware, and it is confusing as a software company … on applications, they are easier to beat than SAP.”
–          Charles Phillips, CEO of Infor, and former president of Oracle
“There are so many techies in Silicon Valley that they’ve started chasing small inconveniences instead of truly changing the world for the better.”
–          Josh Constine, technology journalist
“Apple could surprise us in the next six to nine months by emerging with yet another big new idea. On the other hand, I think the stock market is telling us that the public is beginning to believe that Apple really doesn’t have strong visionary leadership. Apple will be a solid technology company but the Apple era may be on its way out.”
–          Bob Herbold, managing director, Herbold Group, author of “What’s Holding You Back?” and former Microsoft COO
“Others are now confirming that [data discovery] is where the puck is moving, and it’s a great testament that we’re in the right place. Most of the traditional BI players are growing slowly if they’re growing at all, and some of them are going backwards.”
–       Lars Bjork, CEO, QlikTech