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Notable quotes about Microsoft, Oracle and others in the software industry ecosystem

By July 14, 2013Uncategorized

Microsoft is becoming the new Apple. –  Dwight Silverman, tech writer for Houston Chronicle
Oracle sees the writing on the wall and doesn’t want to risk becoming obsolete, [Software] applications are facing secular head winds, and because of the fast rise of competitors Oracle is fighting tooth and nail to try to keep the [leading] position it’s hard-won over the past 20 years. –  Steve Koenig, analyst, Wedbush Securities
The brobdingnagian salaries we’re [Silicon Valley developers] getting paid haven’t just skewed the market; they’ve taken it in two hands, turned it upside down, and shaken it like a British nanny. My friends who are not in technology keep getting pushed further and further away, or into smaller, dingier accommodations. –  Tom Dale, co-creator of Ember.js
But if we are talking about success as we typically do, as the achievement of fairly impressive goals, then no.  I have never met an entrepreneur who has achieved work-life balance.  –  Paul B. Brown, best-selling author, Forbes blogger and former writer and editor at Business Week
Our innovative system is able to transform surfaces such as wooden tables, aluminium, steel, glass and even plastics into low-cost touch screens. It means in future, you could play computer games or draw sketches on walls or windows since almost all surfaces can be made touch-sensitive with our system. –  Andy Khong, assistant professor at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University

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