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Notable quotes about Microsoft, Facebook, Google, entrepreneurs and others in the software ecosystem

By December 26, 2011Uncategorized

“Microsoft’s great fear was always that it would turn into IBM, which it viewed as a bureaucratic organization living off of past glories. Google’s fear is that it will become Microsoft, which it views as a company that wins through bullying rather than technical prowess. Microsoft became what it feared. Google’s challenge is to remain open and innovative after achieving Microsoft-like domination of its core market.”
Kevin Werback, professor of legal studies and business ethics at Wharton
“The economy got a little harder for them. In that situation you need to manage your sales force a little more carefully. They were not doing that this quarter.”
Pat Walravens, an analyst at JMP Securities, describing Oracle’s Q2 2011 performance
“Telling an entrepreneur to focus is like telling a fat person to lose weight.”
Eric Ries, creator of the Lean Startup methodology
“Yes, Android has zoomed past iOS in terms of sales. Yes, Apple, even in the post-Jobs area, has the best mind-share. And yes, Microsoft is coming from behind. But this isn’t a three-horse race, because that would imply that there’s going to be one winner and two losers. Rather, this is like when the U.S. had the Big Three Automakers (GM, Ford and Chrysler) or the Big Three television networks (ABC, CBS and NBC). Unless something truly unforeseen happens, we’re going to be having these three platforms coexisting and overlapping for many years to come, dominating the industry. Don’t bet on one. Support all three.”
Alan Zeichick, editorial director of SD Times
“I think it [Fortress Facebook, the new corporate campus in Menlo Park] will have the same effect on Facebook as it did on Google. People confuse the amenities with whether it was good for the overall corporate values and culture. An isolated campus like Google’s or Facebook’s is not great for your community … because you get a monoculture.”
Steve Blank, who teaches entrepreneurship at Stanford
“Microsoft matters. It probably always will. However, it just doesn’t seem as relevant — and definitely not as cool — as it did in the late 1990s ….”
–  Rick Aristotle Munarriz, Motley Fool contributor