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Notable quotes about Microsoft, Apple, IBM and others in the software industry ecosystem

By July 20, 2014Uncategorized

As happy as Steve Jobs would have been at Tim Cook’s success growing and managing his company, you have to wonder if he would have cringed when Cook called IBM a kindred spirit. It’s more likely that Cook found a kindred spirit in IBM’s openness to partner up rather than the culture and values of the organization. That said, this is clearly value creating for Apple shareholders. … This announcement could be one of the biggest stories in tech investing this year.  – David Eller, enterprise software investment blogger

You only have to look at Jean Pigozzi’s photo of Steve Jobs in his younger, rebellious years flipping the middle finger to the stuffed shirts at IBM while standing outside their stuffy offices in New York City to see just how far apart “cool” Apple once was from “legacy” IBM. –  Gavin Clarke, blogger for “The Register”

Buildings that are not “cloud-ready” are (in the minds of many decision makers) about as useful as offices without electricity or bathrooms. – Mark Masi, vice president, fiber implementation and administration, Cbeyond

Encrypted traffic can’t be given special treatment because it can’t be identified, Meinrath said. That could eliminate a major revenue source for ISPs, giving them a strong reason to oppose the use of encrypted services and potentially an indirect way to degrade their performance. – Sascha Meinrath, director, X-Lab

And just as it is not always true what is good for General Motors is good for America, likewise, what may be good for Mr. Adelson and Mr. Microsoft and Mr. Buffett is not always in accord with what is good for the American people. I know that. They are free to express their opinion, but I am going to push back. – Sen. Jeff Sessions, responding to New York Times op-ed column on immigration/H1-B visa reform

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